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  • Arushi Bhalla
  • Apr 02, 20

5 Reasons That Will Make You Wanna Try Color Contact Lenses Now!

Color your eyes happy! 

Do you like wearing contacts? If yes, then you will love color contacts. They are always fun to wear and the best part is that they come in a wide variety of colors.

You can have a color for every look and mood. From an office look to a party look, you can revamp your look with colored contacts at any moment. You are just a slip on away from your basic to bodacious look. It’s worth a try! 

Always remember, whether you are wearing clear or colored contacts, you will need a prescription from your optometrist. Read on to learn more!

Accessory For Eyes 

Whether you like wearing makeup or you don’t ? In any case, color contact lenses are your best friend. How? Oh, will tell you - the right kind of contacts can do wonders for your eye makeup and it even looks pretty when you are wearing no makeup and just that color in your eyes. Don’t believe us? You can get a pair for yourself! 


Color Contacts Work Just Like Regular Contact Lenses

Wearing color contacts is always a win-win situation! Cleaning them takes just the same amount of time as the regular ones and you also get to flaunt that color in your eyes ( did we hear Yay!). You know what the best part is - you can now buy either daily disposable or monthly disposable colored contacts. So, purchase as per your need and convenience.


Different Colors to Choose From

Do you think we will go on and on about colored contact lenses with just 2 or 3 eye color? Ha! You can’t be more wrong because we offer - not 1, not 2, but 16 diverse colors to choose for your happy eyes( did it sound too salesy? Uh, but it’s true!). You can pick a color for every occasion or why not just wear one when you are sitting at home. Looking good for yourself is in, right? 

You Can’t Resist Admiring Them

As superficial as it might sound, we all like being looked at(in an admirable way, not creepy of course) and colored contacts always make heads turn. With colored contacts, you can go mysterious with our mystery green, let him dive into your blue eyes with ocean blue contacts or add a little spice to that hot dress with spicy grey contacts. This is not all, there’s so much more color for your eyes! 


Even Celebrities Wear Colored Contacts

Color contacts are quite popular among celebrities and influencers. From Hollywood to Bollywood, nobody could resist wearing colored contacts. You might believe in the misconception that these contacts are more feminine. Though, a lot of male Hollywood celebrities like Kanye West to Orlando Bloom wear colored colored contacts. 

Get your pair of color contact lenses today! 

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