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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Mar 20, 20

Celebrities Who Love Colored Contact Lenses: A Saga

Today, quite literally, everyone is an influencer. But nobody has the charm of social influence like our good-old, celebrities. Bollywood & Hollywood actors and actresses have been the driving force of fashion trends since early 90s. Their style statements, dazzling designer outfits, gorgeous hair and makeup along with embellished accessories. The top-notch and much sought-after of today's time are 'colored contact lenses'


Colored contact lenses are a favorite among celebrities. Owe it to the industry's obsession with colored eyes, the need to present the exact character of the role they are playing or the impactful makeover that these lenses provide, it is needless to say that color lenses are the hype. 


If, like us, you are also looking for some styling inspiration from celebs, then you have landed at the right place. Here are some famous celebrities who love to slay their looks with colored contact lenses.


5 Celebrities Who Are Crazy For Colored Contact Lenses

The use of colored contact lenses in the Indian film industry started as early as the 80s. Many stylists have used color contacts to change or enhance the looks of Bollywood celebrities playing a certain role. However, the said use has extended beyond the screen and moved to everyday wear with celebrities donning color lenses in parties, award shows or even at home for their lazy day selfie. 

Here are some of our favorite celebrities who love colored contact lenses.


Kiara Advani - Wearing Mystery Hazel Lenses

The Jug Jugg Jeeyo star, Kiara Advani, shot to fame for her diversely celebrated roles. She is known for her authentic style, acclaimed acting and a face that every Indian girl can relate to. Her subtle, girl next door face is highly liked and admired by many. She has also been listed as the 4th Most Desirable Woman in India as per the prominent publication - The Times of India


Kiara's natural sweet look is beautified by her naturally light brown eyes which are heavily complicated by her dark brown hair. Her light brown eyes perfectly gel up with different other colors such as grey, blue and green creating an impactful and glamorous looks. 


kiara advani in colored contact lenses

Priyanka Chopra - Wearing Dark Brown Lenses

The Bollywood star who has won over even the Hollywood fan club, Priyanka Chopra, cannot resist wearing colored contact lenses. She has always been slaying with her oh-so-awesome outfits, and now she is killing it with her colored contacts as well. 

Her natural eyes are brown, and she is often seen wearing a shade of dark brown, grey or even green eye color. These kinds of contact lenses often act as an enhancer for eyes and they have never failed to complement her fabulous outfits, whether it is her gorgeous gown at Met Gala or her stunning airport looks. If she can, why not you?! Choose the right color contact lenses for your pretty eyes from our colored contact lens collection.



Kylie Jenner - Wearing Mocha Brown Lenses 

Supermodel and leading star of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' Kylie Jenner's social media is proof that she loves colored lenses. They act as an enhancer for Kylie’s beautiful eyes as her eyes are of a lighter brown shade. The blue color contact lenses generally act as an enhancer for your overall look as well. 

Contact color looks so natural on her, it is no surprise that followers want in on this latest beauty accessory. The Kylie Jenner contacts color are a highly coveted pair for every fashion and beauty lover.



Kangana Ranaut - Wearing Naughty Brown Lenses

Just like her movies, Kangana loves to experiment with her eye color as well, and they both turn out to be great. She is often seen wearing hazel colored contact lenses which make her eye pop and makes her look stand out just like her personality.  

Though, if you are not in for hazel color, then you can also go for blue, green or grey colored contact lenses as they look great on Indian skin tone.



Jennifer Aniston - Wearing Icy Blue Lenses

Jennifer Aniston has been winning our hearts with her oh-so-awesome show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Even she could not resist joining the colored contact lens club. Previously, she was seen wearing glasses but recently she has started experimenting with different colored contact lenses.

We are so in love with her decision and her blue color contacts. She has been slaying her every look with contact lenses. Join the club by choosing just the right color for your eyes.




Nina Dobrev - Wearing Walnut Brown Lenses

Vampire diaries have been a huge part of every millennial’s teenage years. There is no doubt that Nina has pretty eyes and she beautifies her eyes with just the right color contact lens. She always chooses the perfect contact for her outfit and never fails to express through her eye color. Even if you never planned to wear colored contacts, the way she carries them will surely change your mind.



Selena Gomez - Wearing Sincere Grey Lenses

Just like her bold and charismatic personality, Selena is not the one to shy away from experimenting with her look, from her hair color to eye color, she is always ready to slay. 

Yes, we can’t resist admitting that Selena’s eye color is beautiful but wait till you see her with electrifying blue or grey. She has been killing us all with her top-notch acting, awesome music and now her eye color. Is there something she can’t do?! 


Selena Gomez in color contact lenses

If you are still in a dilemma that colored contact lenses only look good on celebrities and not a layman then why don’t you try and figure it out yourself. It’s a lot of fun and gives you an unexpected way to brighten up your day-to-day style. 

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