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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Feb 28, 20

Blue, Green or Brown lens - Which colored contact lens is for me?

Colored contact lenses are the hype of today's day and age and rightly so. Color lenses, first, gained popularity in early 2000s. With Bollywood celebrities donning glamourous looks in movies and music videos, eye lenses established a separate fan base. Now again, after about a decade, colored contact lenses are trending across all platforms. 

Thanks to social influence and easy accessibility to the whole range of color lenses, common users are able to try different lenses. 

Colored contact lenses not only come in more shades now but are also available in different disposability types making it easier and convenient for the user to grab them.

However, each one of us still struggle with which color lens to choose. They all seem absolutely brilliant and revamp your look in a unique way. Which color lens would you want? Let us help you choose. 

Colored contact lenses: The whole range 

Colored eye? My? Yeah, why not just give it a try? Do you think contact lenses are limited to vision correction? Oh no, no no no! Contact lenses do much more than just vision correction; there are colored contacts as well - blue, green, purple, or grey lens, just pick a color to slay your look with any complexion. So, you can now see clear and color your eyes, exciting, isn’t it?

Colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color and create a look that's subtle, bold or anything you want it to be. They always come handy - whether you want to enhance your everyday look or rock a crazy design for any other special occasions.

It’s 2022 guys! You can customize anything and everything. Why feel gloomy about not being born with the eye color you always wanted? Why not just buy’em?!

Before you get all excited about trying on contacts and rock that look. First, let’s understand different types of colored contact lenses and how they can vary according to occasions. 


Different Types Of Colored Contact Lenses

Subtle colored contact lenses 

You know the days when there is no special occasion but you feel like dressing up? The days when you want to create a statement style but not stand out. That is what our subtle color contact lenses are for. Subtle hues colored contact lenses is what you need to give yourself the subtle yet new look. 

We have selected the range of subtle colors for you. These include:

  • Spicy Grey 
  • Tricky Turquoise 
  • Dusky Brown 
  • Happy Honey 
  • Pretty Purple 
  • Smoke Grey 
  • Ocean Blue 


Enhancing colored contact lenses

As the name suggest, enhancers are the selection of premium colored contact lenses. These are perfect for your special events when you want to not just understand but set the assignment for the rest of the crowd.

Enhancers help you create chic styles that complement your dashing outfits and bold eye makeups. Whether you are carrying bronze shimmery eyes or embellished gems, these color lenses are the perfect finishing touch. 

Our range of enhancing color lenses include:

  • Envy Green
  • Icy Blue
  • Hot Hazel
  • Coco Brown
  • Cosmos Violet 
  • Black Rose 

Classic Streaks Colored Contact Lenses 

In a world of changing trends, be an evergreen classic. It's like they say - when in doubt, stick to the classic. 

That is what our classic streaks color lenses are all about. This range is perfectly suited for when you want to stand out and yet gel in. These colored contact lenses go with absolutely all kinds of outfits and makeups making them better and finer. 

Our classic streaks range includes:

  • Mystery Hazel
  • Naughty Brown
  • Flirty Blue
  • Emerald Blue
  • Delicate Green
  • Sincere Grey

Choosing the best colored contact lens

Tippy tippy tap - which color you want? You want the best. The best colored contact lens, however, differs for everyone. It also depends on how you define 'best'. 

The definition of best colored lens changes as per your preference. What you would like best will be dependent on the following factors, mainly:

  • Your skin tone 
  • Type of outfit 
  • Hair color 
  • Type of makeup
  • Occasion/event you're attending
  • Eye power 

It might take a few trials before you figure out which one colored contact lens is the best one.

Choose The Right Colored Contact Lens 

Blue Contact Lenses 

Blue lenses are best for almost every skin tone or facial feature. Whenever you are in a dilemma for which eye color to go for, just go blue! Though, you should keep in mind that blue contacts might not go with dark brown eyes, so you can also go for a warmer tone. If you are going for blues, you must try from our wide range of blues - Tricky Turquoise, Flirty Blue, Icy Blue, and the list goes on.  



Brown Contact Lenses 

Brown lens works well with all kinds of skin tones. This is a go-to for your everyday look or party look, brown color contacts make you look good for every look. 

If you are going for brown, you must try out the oh-so amazing Naughty Brown, Dusky Brown, Coco Brown and many more colored contacts.



Purple Colored Contacts 

All eyes on your eyes is what you will experience after wearing purple colored contacts (No, we are not exaggerating). If you want to be a fashion trendsetter, then purple colored contacts are a fantastic choice. Want to go for purple, then you must try the Aquacolor Pretty Purple colored contacts. 



Green Colored Contacts 

Green is a rare eye color which looks beautiful on all skin tones but it particularly enhances the eyes which already have a bit of yellow or red undertone. Planning to go green? You can choose from our plethora of greens like Envy Green, Delicate Green or Fierce Green. 



Grey Colored Contacts 

Yes, as weird as it may sound, grey is a great choice when it comes to picking out colored lenses. If you're looking to deviate away from the browns then grey should be your next option. It also sits great on top of brown eyes so it'll give your eyes a deep and rather beautiful color. You can choose from our range of Spicy Grey, Smoke Grey or Sincere Grey lenses. 



Think no more, just slip on and shop on Aquacolor contact lenses.  Shop Now

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