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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Mar 08, 22

Celebrate Women's Day with Aqualens

Women...a word that itself symbolizes care, dignity, empathy, emotions, hard work, honesty, love, passion, and many more. So, then why do we become so restricted and unable to break the barriers. The color of women’s personality should always be magnified to embrace freedom, privilege, and encouragement. In this initiative to break those pesky shackles, Aqualens is trying to confer freedom to women by reducing the burden of spectacles with the help of their different contact lens ranges. These eye lenses will not only transmit the privilege to be you but also go out, live the life to its fullest, and to exercise our freedom. Accompanying this quest, is our range of colored lenses that will encourage women to brighten up their day with different blooming colors. Make these eye lenses your partner in pride, triumph, and endeavors by not letting you become bound by the so-called taboo of imperfections.




Aqualens contact lenses

Yes…You are free 


 “My Life My Rules” is a phrase that signifies that you are free to rule your own life but, for a woman, is it as simple as the quote is? The answer will be Might be but not Must be…..


We are living in a society where women can be judged if they choose to take decisions independently if they choose to apparel differently or choose to go outside alone. So, now Aqualens reinforce you to keep eye contacts with the naive norms of society and also holds you to go outside, travel the world, or feel free without any curtailment through its contact lenses.


Clear contact lenses from Aqualens have the highest oxygen permeability and they will stay hydrated with 58% water at the time you are exploring the world. These contact lenses come with a built-in Class II UV blocker that will protect your eyes from 87% of UVA and 97% of UVB radiation from the sun. So, why not cherry-pick the contact lenses of Aqualens to perceive freedom for your own.




Aqualens contact lenses

Yes…You are powerful


“Woman a symbol of power and love” is it something we comprehend the same? A woman is an epitome of unconditional love which we all assent to but what if a woman who is powerful...?


It is not necessary to symbolize the soft, lenient, and emotional traits of a woman but, it is imperative to adore her with the power of her mind, intellect, and strength. To inside out the power of your personality, Toric contact lenses will hold you to be visionary and build your own empire with the bricks that others have thrown at you. These contact lenses are introduced with 3rd generation silicone hydrogel, which allows oxygen to easily reach your eye during your gym and fitness seasons.


A range of Toric contact lenses contains 4 times more oxygen supply, which advances its range to other contact lenses. These eye contacts will give your eye a breathable experience and comfort during your workout sessions. So, there is no need to sprint your power, just elite Toric contact lenses to amplify your forte.





Aqualens contact lenses

Yes…You are colorful 


"Not just a colorful woman but a woman with colorful thoughts" is a quote that describes the colorfulness in the ideas of a woman but, is it esteemed by communal?


To live a beautiful and colorful life most women have to struggle a lot but after that, they are recognized in the society as an inspiration for others. Thus, to match the color of women’s personalities, Aqualens lead with their colored contact lenses range.


Aquacolor eyes lenses will aid you to be beautiful and colorful all the way. These colored contact lenses are built-in Class II UV blockers to restrict 87% of UVA and 97% of UVB radiation and are prepared from the finest technology and material to keep these contact lenses soft. These eye contacts will assist you to match your ideas with colored contact lenses whether it’s shiny, shimmery, or classy. So, just blooming with the color ideas and colorful looks with Aquacolor contact lenses.

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