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  • May 18, 20

Choose Right Contact Lens for Your Needs & Conditions

There are multiple glasses for vision correction, similarly, there are various contact lenses too. Most of the customers choose contact lenses as per their day to day activities, and of course eye condition. 

Contact lenses are available for all kinds of eye needs and conditions. They vary from monthly contacts to daily contacts; where one needs cleaning on an everyday basis, while the other is all about wearing a fresh pair of contacts and throwing away at the end of the day. 

We have mentioned the different types of contact lenses which you can choose according to your lifestyle. Though, we will always recommend you to consult an eye specialist before making a final decision on picking a contact lens. 

Without further adieu, let’s get straight into different types of Contact Lenses:

Daily Disposable Contact lenses - For the Carefree 

These contacts are known to be the most hygienic lenses of all as they need not be stored or reused. All you need to do is - slip on whenever required and throw it away after use. Most Daily Disposable Lenses are meant to be worn for all waking hours but should be disposed of and the wearability should not be extended. 

Daily Wear Contacts - For the Workaholic 

Daily wear contacts can be worn for an entire day, generally, around 14 to 16 hours and are comfortable all day long. Though, these contacts are not recommended for overnight use.  These can be reusable or disposable, meaning they are discarded after several uses.

Toric Contacts - For the ‘I have cylindrical power, can I wear contacts?’ 

There is a common misconception around the fact that people with cylindrical power can’t wear contact lenses. This is absolutely not true! Toric contacts are uniquely designed to meet the special vision correction needs of people with astigmatism.


Color contact lens - For the Not So Basic 

Bored with the basic? Color your way through vision correction! If you are among those people who feel more confident wearing contact lenses, then you would love to experiment with color contacts as well. You can choose a color for every occasion and mood.

These are some of the different kinds of colored contacts:

Subtle hues: For your everyday look! Want to give a subtle change to your look but don’t know how? Subtle hues coloured contact lenses is what you need to give yourself the subtle yet new look.  

Enhancers: This type of contact lens is called an enhancer because it slightly darkens your eye colour and is also designed to enhance your natural eye colour. This type of tint works well for people who want a more intense eye colour.

Bold Streaks: This contact lens can give you a completely new eye colour. This eye color is generally preferred by people with dark eyes to alter the colour of their eyes.


Monthly Contacts - For the Control Freak 

If you are one of them who likes to stick to a particular contact lens and like to take care of them in a particular manner then Monthly Contacts are just the right contacts for you. These are the most commonly used contacts. The reason behind the popularity of these lenses is that they allow four or more times the oxygen as compared to other contact lenses. These are generally worn during the day, cleaned and stored each night, and then disposed of after a month of daily use. 

Always remember that whichever lens you choose, it will take a few days for you to adjust in a frame-less life but it will be totally worth it! 

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