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  • Dec 11, 19
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Boom! Look, we are busting myths about contact lenses.

Word of mouth plays an important role in creating myths about contact lenses. In our day to day lives, we do not get the time to research everything we hear, so we often end up believing what we hear from the majority. 


Just like Aqualens contact lenses brings clarity to your vision, we have busted these myths to bring clarity in your thoughts about contact lenses.




Myth - Contact lenses get stuck behind your eyes

If you think there is a possibility of getting contact lenses stuck behind your eyes, it is only in your wildest possible dreams. Believing that Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart are different personalities is kiddish but still believing in statements like contact lenses can get stuck behind your eye is silly. 

Are we being too harsh? Okay, let’s get logical with this myth. Thanks to the conjunctiva, contact lenses can never get stuck behind your eyes as conjunctiva is a thin, moist lining that is present on the eye’s inner surface. The continuous nature of conjunctiva from eyelids to the eyeball makes it impossible for anything to go or get stuck behind your eye. 




Myth - Contact lenses are uncomfortable 

Contact lenses are as uncomfortable as binge watching the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S under a warm fuzzy blanket with a cuppa hot chocolate. How can you even think of wearing such uncomfortable contact lenses, right? 

Anywho, keeping sarcasm aside, it might take a few days to get the hang of wearing contact lenses. Even if you do feel slight discomfort, it could have occurred during lens wear. It can also arise either specifically due to contact lens or it could have been caused by external factors.

Be it glasses or lenses, both have their pros and cons; it is all a matter of preference. Choose wisely!




Myth - You can wear contact lenses while sleeping 

Do you feel like waking up with itchy and dry eyes? No, right?! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Trusted Source sleeping with contacts makes you prone to eye infections. 

This is so because you are constantly blinking while you are awake which keeps oxygen flowing through the tears you produce. Though exceptions always exist, as there are extended wear contact lenses that have been approved by the FDA for extended wear. It is highly advised that if you feel too lazy to sleep in contacts then make sure to consult an ophthalmologist to avoid any consequences. 




Myth - Contact lenses bought online are more likely to cause infections

We believe in the concept of finding love online but are suspicious about contact lenses (LOL, that’s one way to live). This is the most bizarre myth as you get the same material online or offline if you buy contact lenses from a credible source. Though, if you change your mind about buying contacts online then make sure to evaluate the trustworthiness of the brand and compare the costs so that you pay the right price. 




Myth - Contact lenses will fall out of my eye

For once, glasses might fall from your face but contact lenses falling out of eyes do not have a chance. The old fashioned hard lenses did fall out sometimes but with the introduction of soft lenses, this is not the case anymore. The only case when a contact lens can fall is if you rub your eyes too hard. It’s like you can’t expect to poke your eyes and blame the contact lenses that stay intact. 

So, did your eyes pop out after realizing that you were living with so many lies about contact lenses? Don’t worry, keep reading our blog for more mind-boggling information about contact lenses. 

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