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  • Feb 17, 20

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Monthly Contact Lenses

Contact lens is like adulthood where freedom comes with responsibilities. Adulthood gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms while monthly contact lenses give you freedom from glasses and lets you see the world through a wide-angle vision. 

During adulthood, we often try to run away from responsibilities; similarly, while dealing with monthly contact lenses, we feel too lazy to take care of them which leads to consequences.

A free piece of advice - You can’t stop being lazy instantly but you can switch to dailies for hassle-free vision care. Switching to dailies will get you a clean lens every day without performing the tedious monthly contact lens cleaning routine.

Anyhow, we can learn about adulthood on the way to living life but first, we would like to make your life easier by providing you with the dos and don’ts of monthly contact lenses: 

Do’s of Wearing Contact Lenses:

A no brainer - Wash your hands before inserting contact lenses

Can you guess what’s the first thing to be done before touching your monthly contact lenses? 

If you guessed wash your hands then you are absolutely right and if not then *ahem ahem*. Anyhow, washing your hands before inserting monthly contact lenses is crucial because of the obvious reasons like keeping your hands sterilized to avoid eye infection. 

Cleaning is the key to healthy lenses 

We understand you are tired and don’t feel like performing a tedious task like cleaning your lenses but guess what - tedious task a day keeps eye infections at bay. Just taking out a few minutes to clean your monthly contact lenses will help you for life. Following these simple steps will help you clean your monthly contact lenses: 

  • Before cleaning your lenses, make sure your hands are washed and dried properly. 
  • Make sure to use fresh solution everytime to clean your contact lenses. Do not commit the mistake of cleaning your lenses with soap.
  • After cleaning the contact lenses with the solution, make sure you let them air dry afterwards.

As weird as it sounds, rubbing your monthly contact lenses is crucial and should be performed frequently. Rubbing your lenses while cleaning them, cleans the residue and surface build-up on the monthly contact lenses which needs to be removed from time to time.


Don’ts of Wearing Monthly Contact Lenses:

Don’ts of a product or service is as important as do’s because humans being a curious creature often try new things out of curiosity and without being aware of the know how’s might mess things up. So, to know the don’ts helps you sort of narrow down the things that should be done. 


Sharing is Not Caring - Do Not Share Your Contact Lenses

We’ve been taught to share things in life; from school lunches to dresses with friends. When it comes to monthly contact lenses, sharing is the absolute worst. This kind of sharing will cost you to spread germs and bacteria from person to person. Monthly Contact lenses are fitted and prescribed for different eyes, so they are not meant to be shared.  

Sleeping With Contact Lenses is a Big NO NO!

Do you think sleeping with your ex was a bad decision? Try sleeping with contact lenses once, you will realize why both the decisions are the absolute worse. 

Sleeping in contact lenses is one of the causes of eye infections because while sleeping your eyelids are shut and there is less oxygen being transmitted to your cornea from the surrounding air. When the eye doesn't get enough oxygen, a condition called corneal neovascularisation can occur where small blood vessels grow in the cornea in order to provide oxygen supply to the area.

Do Not Use Saliva or Tap Water to Moisture Your Contact Lens

Saliva helps you gulp down food; please keep the purpose of saliva limited to that. Putting contact lenses in your mouth or moisten them with saliva, is an invitation to bacteria and a potential source of infection. Also, using tap water is a big no for lubricating your lenses. Always use fresh solution to clean or lubricate your lenses.   


We hope you are now familiar with the dos and don’ts of monthly contact lenses. It’s okay, you can thank us later for these useful dos and don’ts. Just make sure to abide by them every day in your life.


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