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  • Arushi Bhalla
  • Jul 02, 20

This Monsoon Season Take Care of Your Eyes With These Simple Eye Care Tips

Finally, the monsoon season is here. This year, monsoon won't cancel any of your plans because you can't even make one! Stay inside, watch the water pouring from the skies. We can't agree more that we all are a bit biased towards this season.

Apart from being the best season for us and Bollywood movies, it does bring eye infection that can take a toll on your eye health. Fret not we have created a list of things you can do to take care of your eyes. 

Here are some ways to go about it: 

Wash your Hands Properly


We know, we know, you've read this a lot of times, but still, we can't say it enough. A simple act of washing your hands with soap and drying it with a clean cloth can save you from eye infections. Not just this, in the time of this pandemic, washing your hands not only keeps you safe but also your family and friends. Remember, all you need to do is wash your hands! 

Dust Storms are the Enemy of Your Eyes



If you find yourself in a dust storm, make sure to rinse your eyes with clean water immediately. Precaution is better than cure, so it's better to stay at home during a dust storm. If you need to go outside, then make sure you carry sunglasses along with you. Before you casually decide to step out during a dust storm, remember this is one of the reasons for eye infection. 

Avoid Self-medicating 


Itchiness in the eye? You know what to do: 

Step 1 - Open browser 

Step 2 - how to treat an itchy eye

Step 3 - read something horrible

Step 4 - a sleepless night

Sounds familiar? We are all guilty of visiting Dr Google, though there is nothing wrong in searching for information but don't jump to the conclusion. All you need to do is visit your ophthalmologist. They will provide you with prescription and relief from your sleepless night. 

Clean your Contact Lens Properly 


Are you a regular contact lens wearer? If yes, then this is the season when you need to take extra care of your contacts. As this season already has a higher chance of eye infection, not cleaning the contacts well can make your eyes more prone to infection. So, please be a little more careful while wearing contacts. 

Be Careful While Choosing Eye Make-up



Rains should not stop you from wearing your favourite eyeliner but don't want your eyes to suffer if your makeup comes out during the rain. This might have a high chance of causing an eye infection. Are we suggesting you stop wearing makeup in the monsoon season? Oh, no, we will never do that. All you need to do is wear waterproof make-up. If you are going for colour contacts to highlight that eye makeup, then make sure you do not share your lens containers with anyone and always keep it clean. 

Hope this helps keep your eyes healthy!

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