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  • Arushi Bhalla
  • Sep 02, 20

Wore Contact Lenses for the First time? 5 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Will Relate to!

How does it feel to not worry about your glasses falling from your face while running or gyming, and when you are drinking that hot cup of coffee with a clear vision. So, you finally managed to switch from glasses to contacts after thinking about the same over and over again.

The decision to switch from glasses to Contact Lenses is tough because of the attached myths around them. If you are one of those people who have just switched to contacts and are trying to get used to them, then you will surely relate to the points mentioned below:

Confusion While Purchasing Your First Contact Lens Pair

Don't just barge into any optical shop and buy any contact lenses casually. First, visit an optometrist, get your eye prescription and then make the purchase otherwise, you'll be standing there clueless figuring out the difference between spherical and toric contacts. 


When you are Trying to Wear Contact Lenses

Uhh, that moment has finally arrived when you've left behind your fear & took the decision of wearing those contacts you always wanted to. It might be a bit clumsy at first, but once you figure out your way of wearing contact lenses, it will be a piece of cake.



When you successfully wear contact lenses for the first time 

What a moment! After the clumsy moments, you finally learn to wear contact lenses without being scared of thinking multiple times if you are doing it right. 


When you are already obsessed with your side vision 

Constantly looking at your side vision because you haven't seen this clear without the hindrance of your frames. Well, get used to it because this is how contact lenses make you see the world.


People start bombarding you with 'didn't you wear glasses' question

Now that you have started wearing contact lenses, people have also started noticing that they are not able to take your glasses and tell you 'how weak your eyes are'.


Searching for your glasses & forgetting you don't wear them anymore

You can't help but search for your glasses sometimes because you are so used to wearing them. Well, now you don't need to search for clear vision, it is literally in your eyes.