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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Sep 02, 20

Things every contact lens wearer can relate to

How does it feel to not worry about your glasses falling off of your face while running or gyming? Or when you are drinking that hot cup of coffee without fog covering your eyes? Must be amazing, right? So, you finally managed to switch from glasses to contact lenses. Welcome to the club.

We understand the decision and journey of transitioning from glasses to contact lenses may be tough. It would be tough mainly because of the associated myths and misconceptions about eye lenses.

Every newbie, each of us, has more or less shared the same journey when it comes to contact lenses. Whether you are new to wearing contact lenses or not, we are sure you must have experienced one or more of the following incidences.

What every contact lens wearer relates to

While the list can go on and on, here are some of our top picks on what every contact lens wearer would relate to.

Confusion while buying your first pair of contact lenses

Which one is it? Which one is it? - these are the words you must have consistently felt inside your head while buying your first pair.

No doubt there can be a lot of confusion on which contact lenses to go for? Which disposability to choose? Which lens pack is right?

We suggest two simple steps:
1) Calm down
2) Visit an optometrist and get your eye prescription

And only then make the purchase otherwise you'll be standing there clueless figuring out the difference between spherical and toric contacts.

The struggle of wearing contact lenses

Poke, poke, poke….no counts on how many times can you poke your eyes.

Wearing contact lenses can be a task. It might be a bit clumsy at first, but once you figure out your way of wearing contact lenses, it will be a piece of cake. You can access our ultimate guide on wearing contact lenses to make the task easy for you.

The victory

The feeling of getting it right. The feeling of being successful. The feeling of wearing contact lenses for the first time.

What a moment! After the clumsy moments, you finally learn to wear contact lenses without being scared and thinking if you are doing it right.

Lost & found playing on repeat on your mind

It’s the same thing as wondering ‘Where is my phone?’ while simultaneously using the phone’s torchlight only to look for it.

Contact lenses are the most comfortable thing that you can use in your eyes. They are so comfortable that sometimes you may even think that you have lost them. And that is when your mind plays on repeat ‘Have I lost my contacts?’

The saga of your friends asking: Can you see?

Remember how one day you were wearing your glasses and the next day you switch to contacts? Only the eye lenses were not new, it was also your personality and confidence along with repeated teasing from your friends - Can you even see?

The no-nap schedule

The thing with contact lenses is that you get all the freedom in the world but it also comes at a small cost - of not being able to sleep or take a nap just anywhere.

One of the many don’ts you need to take care of while wearing contact lenses is that you should not sleep in them. Please avoid sleeping in contact lenses if you do not want to get an eye infection.

The accidental rubbing of eyes

Sleepy day? But can’t rub your eyes. That’s the story of every contact lens wearer ever. While wearing contact lenses, it is advisable to avoid touching or hardly rubbing your eyes. It is because forceful rubbing can damage the lens and/or can cause scratches.

Self-obsession with your side vision

Constantly looking at your side vision because you haven't seen this clearly without the hindrance of your frames. Well, get used to it because this is how contact lenses make you see the world.

The bombarding of 'Didn't you wear glasses?'

Now that you have started wearing contact lenses, people have also started noticing that they are not able to take your glasses and tell you 'how weak your eyes are.

The Take-Away

Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be a task but the freedom you achieve from them is unmatched.

We are certain that most contact lens wearers would experience one or all of the above incidences. Let us know your experience with contact lenses.

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