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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Jan 11, 21

Wearing and removing contact lenses: Step-wise guide

We all know that contact lenses are supreme eyewear when it comes to comfort and clarity. Without a doubt, contact lenses have an advantage over spectacles. Most people choose to wear eye lenses because it gives them the freedom to perform day-to-day activities with ease. It also makes them feel confident and comfortable as it does not cause any hindrance while or after applying makeup and goes with every outfit or look. But there are certain reservations among people that make them skeptical about wearing contact lenses.


It is, thus, important to learn the right way of wearing and removing contact lenses to enjoy them at their best. Here’s presenting a step-by-step guide on how to wear contact lenses and how to remove them. 


Wearing contact lenses: Step-wise guide 

Contact lenses, for sure, give you unmatched levels of ease and convenience. However, the tricky part is learning how to wear contact lenses. Let’s go through the steps listed below:


1. Wash your hands

Washing your hands is a must. You need to start by washing your hands with soap and water before touching your contact lenses. Note: Do not apply any kind of cream or moisturizer before handling contact lenses. After washing, you should dry your hands with a lint-free cloth or towel. Once you have washed and dried your hands, you are all set to handle contact lenses.



2. Clean your contact lenses

The next step is to clean your contact lenses. You need to begin by rinsing the contact lenses with plenty of lens solutions. Do not shy away from using lens solutions in extras. This step is very important as it removes any residues that may be present on the lens. Here is the right method for rinsing your lenses - Gently take out the contact lens from the blister or lens case, put one contact lens in your hand and gently rinse your contact lens with the solution approved by your eye care professional.


3. Check the Shape of your Contact Lens

Yes, the shape of the contact lens is in the picture. There is a possibility that your contact lens may be turned inside out. It is, thus, important to check them first before wearing them.

To check the correct shape, all you need to do is put the contact lens on your index finger and if the lens is appearing like a bowl (as shown in the figure) then it is of the right shape, while if the edges are flared out, it is a sign of an inverted lens. While you check the lens for its damage, also look out for damages, if any. Any residue or scratch on your lens can irritate your eye later on.


4. Putting Contact Lens in Your Eyes

Here is the tough part. You should stand before a mirror and on a flat surface so that you do not lose your contact lens if it falls.

Inserting contact lens in your eyes:

  • a) Put the lens on the index finger by scooping your lens out from your lens case or blister.
  • b) Use your free hand to pull the upper eyelid and use the other hand to pull down the lower eyelid.
  • c) Once your eyelids are apart, you can place the lens directly on the eyeball or on the white part.
  • d) Once you have placed the lens, you should blink a few times gently till you feel the contact lens is in place.
  • e) After the lens is placed, you should move the lens from side to side. This will help you get rid of any air bubbles and help settle the lens.
  • f) Repeat the same procedure for the other eye.

And we’re done. It may seem like a hassle but honestly, wearing contact lenses is very simple. It’s just like getting the right flick of your eyeliner. All you need to do is practice.

Removing contact lenses

Once you have inserted the lens and had a wonderful, liberated day, it is time to remove contact lenses with utmost care and precaution.

Removing contact lenses is must simpler and easier than wearing one. Here is the step-by-step process on how to remove contact lenses.


1. Wash your hands

Again, washing hands before touching or handling contact lenses is like mandatory. Wash your hands with soap and water before touching your eyes or contact lenses. We would recommend you to stand in front of the mirror, especially in the beginning.

2. Remove contact lenses from the eyes

Look straight into the mirror and tilt your head slightly. Pull your lower eyelid down with your free hand. Place your index finger close to your eye and pinch on the contact lens slightly using your index finger and thumb.

3. Repeat for the other eye

Our best tips on removing contact lenses easily: 


  • Remember to cut your nails short - Cutting your nails will avoid any chance of scratching or damage to your eyes. This is advised to both beginners and experienced contact lens wearers.
  • Keep your eye moist - Sometimes due to dry eyes, it feels like the lens is stuck to the eye but it is not the case. All you need to do is moist your eyes with some eye drops for easy removal of the lens.
  • Removing your makeup first is advisable - Before removing your contact lenses, remember to remove your makeup as there will be no chance of contamination on the lens.
  • Try a plunger - It might sound like a task but using a plunger is super easy. A plunger is generally used by first-time contact lens wearers who face trouble removing their contact lenses. This device is directly placed on the contact lens and removes it with ease and comfort.

Voila! Your lens is out. What now? Storing contact lenses.

If you are using a daily contact lens, then there are literally no worries about storing lenses. But if you wear monthly contact lenses (extended wear) then this section is for you.


Storing Contact Lenses

Storing contact lenses is one of the crucial steps for lens wearers. Contact lenses are tiny, precious bowls that are your gateway to HD vision and need to be taken care of properly every time you are inserting or removing them.

Tips on storing contact lenses:


Cleanliness is the key - Always remember to keep your lens case clean and store contact lenses with a new solution after cleaning the lens case properly.


Do not use saliva - Only use contact lens solution to clean, store and rinse your contact lenses, using water or saliva will damage the lenses.


Using a fresh solution is always recommended - Do not give yourself any excuse to use the old solution. Do not put a new solution over the old one existing in the lens case. Instead, discard the old solution and replace it with a fresh solution every time you go to store your contact lenses.

Bonus tips on wearing contact lenses:


  • If you wear glasses and are planning to switch to contact lenses, then you should have your eye power prescription as your contact lens.
  • Always ask your eye doctor before you get your first pair of lenses or are trying a new kind of contact lens.
  • We would suggest you always check the expiry date of contact lenses and check for any tears while wearing them.
  • Please remember to keep your contact lenses away from water, whether or not it is in your eyes.
  • Now and then you might feel an urge to rub your eyes while wearing contact lenses but please avoid it as it might cause an injury to the eye.
  • Sharing is not caring when it comes to contact lenses. They are personalized according to your eyes and apart from this, it is not hygienic to share contact lenses.
  • If you feel that your contact lens has dried out, the best thing to do is discard them and wear a fresh pair.

The Take-Away

Wearing contact lenses becomes an easy step with practice. As a beginner, you might feel this process a bit overwhelming. However, remember that it is all about practice. The more practice you do for wearing and removing contact lenses, the better you will get at it. 

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