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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Jan 24, 22

Republic Day 2022 | Right to Choose Best Contact Lenses

Republic Day 2022 marks the 73rd Republic day for our country. The entire nation is geared up to demonstrate their patriotism in their own distinct ways. To commemorate this special celebration, let us acknowledge this day for empowering us with the Right to Choose!

Let's be honest! Every individual has a persona that is unique. Often, when making choices, we individually give up on our preferences to suit the status quo of society. Not anymore! It’s time that we showcase our identity, starting with contact lenses that elevate our appearance and match our preferences. 

So how do Aqualens allow you to express the right to choose?


Aqualens | Contact lens

Right to Choose Comfort with contact lenses

Be it a professional who is working overtime, a student who is pulling up a late-night, or an athlete who is aiming for that perfect score, contact lenses are your ultimate companion. 


Aqualens with their type of lenses allows your eyes to get 4x more oxygen supply than the average ones found in the market. For instance, when you choose Aqualens 24H NXT monthly disposable contact lenses, you are getting 3rd generation Silicone Hydrogel lenses that allow enhanced oxygen permeability to lessen the chance of discomfort in your eyes. These superior contact lenses have high water content i.e. 55% that keep your eyes moist and comfortable all day and night long.


When you put on these lenses, you are promised sharp and crystal-clear vision even in darkness. These lenses feature improved UV Protection with the Class 1 UV blocker that protects from 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays. 




Aqualens | Contact Lens

Right to Choose Fashion with contact lenses

Aqualens is a contact lens king that features a huge range of high-quality colored contact lenses that promise incredible comfort with UV protection. If you are looking for a trending lens color, then we have got the right hue for you...Envy Green, Spicy Grey, Tricky Turquoise, Icy Blue, Dirty brown, and many more.


Every colored lens from Aquacolor helps you stand out from the crowd in different ways. Use Tricky Turquoise to enhance those dreamy eyes to woo someone you like, or use the Naughty Brown for the prankster look that showcases your fun side! And yes, no doubt, the Envy Green that will help you spark jealousy among your peers, right away!


You can choose dailies or monthlies when buying color lenses for eyes. Your Zero power color lens will help you set the trend that you want. But what if you got eye power? Opt for the right power color lenses as per your prescription. 



Aqualens | Contact Lens blog

Right to Choose Budget with contact lenses

 To say that game-changing innovation should be considered as a luxury reserved for a select few is simply not true. Hands down! when it comes to vision care, your eye has the right to choose the greatest eye care experience that is tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. Every user has the right to choose affordable and high-quality contact lenses. In other words, clear and comfortable sight is your absolute birthright!


Aqualens is one of the rare contact lens brands where you get to choose the right kind of lenses under your stipulated budget. Essentially, you can be assured that while you are still being on a budget, you are covered with the best eye care plan.


So get ready, go on and slip your Aqualens on!


Let Aqualens guide you in making an informed choice as you continue to represent your eyes in the best possible light! Narrate your own story with the hashtag #EyeMakeTheRightChoice this Republic Day.



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