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  • Roop Srishti
  • May 03, 21

Contact Lens Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore

Have you ever thought of wearing contact lenses but decided not to because you heard someone say that they can get stuck in your eye?
Well, here’s the thing, it’s just a myth, something that’s probably based on a rare experience or even a misunderstanding. There are many such contact lens myths, so we’ve attempted to debunk some of them today. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with the contact lens myths and facts.


1. I Can Clean My Contact Lenses With Pure Water ?

This is simply not true. Even if the water is pure enough for us to drink, it may still contain microorganisms that could be harmful to our eyes. This is another reason why eye care experts advise us to remove lenses before taking a shower or swimming. 

The contact lens solution is specifically designed to disinfect the lenses and clean them. It’s best to properly follow all the instructions about contact lens use and clean them in recommended solutions only. 


2. Contact Lenses Use Can Cause Eye Infections

As long as we practice proper hygiene and follow the instructions, it’s perfectly safe to wear contact lenses. If we’re not fond of cleaning them or thinking that it’s a hassle, we can simply wear disposable ones.


3. Contact Lenses are Hard to Put On

An eye care professional can give us clear instructions as to how we can wear contact lenses. With a few tries, we’ll be able to put them on perfectly. Professionals are always available to help us and make sure we’re confident about doing it independently.  


4. Contact Lenses are Uncomfortable

A few years ago, when contact lenses first came into being, they were said to be uncomfortable. This was because of the materials they were made of. These days technology has improved quite a bit, making them so thin and soft that we’d hardly feel them in our eye. 


5. Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck Behind My Eye

This is another myth that most of us have fallen for. Many believe that contact lenses are so thin, they could travel to the back of our eyes and get stuck there forever. There is a thin membrane covering our eyes that prevents anything from getting behind them. So contact lenses can’t travel past this membrane and get to the back of our eyes.

6. Contact Lenses Can Fall Out of My Eye

While some believe that contacts can get stuck behind the eyes, others have misunderstood that they could easily fall off. As we were saying, a few years ago, contact lenses were made of more rigid materials. This made them prone to falling off when running or performing activities that required a lot of movement. These days contacts are designed to fit the shape of the eyes, so they are extremely unlikely to fall off. They may just shift a bit inside our eyes, which we could fix by just blinking a few times or moving them with our fingers.


7. Contact Lenses are High Maintenance

The myth that they are hard to store and maintain causes many of us to keep using glasses. They are not as hard to maintain as we think. Our opticians will give us proper instructions as to how we must care for them. Simply follow these instructions, and things would be easy. And as we’ve discussed before, if we’re not up for cleaning them and storing them well daily, we could simply get ourselves some disposable contacts. 


8. Contact Lenses I Buy Online are Not Safe

As long as we buy them from reputed sellers, Like Aqualens it doesn’t matter if we buy them online or from a retail store. It’s best to do some research and look at reviews before we go about purchasing them. Eye care specialists could even recommend some retailers and online stores. 


9. I’m Too Old To Wear Contact Lenses

There are no age limits to wearing contact lenses. They can be designed to meet the specific needs of a person and are prescribed by opticians. So we don’t need to worry about our age when choosing to wear contacts.


10. Contact Lenses are Expensive

A few years ago, this might have been true. When contact lenses were new, and people didn’t prefer to buy them, they were a little expensive. That’s not the case now. They have become as affordable as glasses these days, and online purchases are even cheaper. Bulk purchasing disposable ones can even make them as cheap as a dollar a day.

So that brings us to the end of today’s post. We hope these points gave you some insights as to the actual use of contact lenses. It’s always best to do our research and seek advice from professionals rather than myths.


Some Usual FAQs about Contact Lenses - 


Q1. What are coloured contact lenses?

A1. Coloured contact lenses are specifically designed to change the colour and appearance of the iris, the coloured part of the eye. They are available in different intensities of tints, ranging from the visibility tint which has the lowest intensity of colour to the opaque tint which has the highest.


Q2. Which contact lens colors suit brown eyes?

A2. Contact lenses that have the enhancement tint (a light tint) in brown, would make your eyes more intense in a natural way. If you’d like to experiment with opaque tints - the darker tints, try anything you’d like because they are designed to entirely change the colour of the eye. You could consider the color of your hair and your skin before making a choice.


Q3. Which contact lens colors suit light eyes?

A3. Enhancement tints that are the same colour as your eye would intensify it in a more natural way. If you have a warmer skin tone, you could experiment with warm opaque tints like browns, to match it. You could go for cooler colours like blues and greys if you’d like a more dramatic look.


Q4. Can I buy contact lenses without prescriptions?

A4. Certified sellers do not let you purchase contacts without prescriptions. Your eye care professional would also guide you as to where you could safely purchase them. It’s best not to purchase from sellers that do not require you to have a prescription because such lenses may not be safe for your eyes. 


Q5. Can I wear eye makeup with contacts?

A5. It is safe to wear makeup with contacts on, but it would be best to wear oil-free products. Also, if you keep tight lining your eyes to a minimum you could keep your lenses clean and save yourself from a lot of discomfort.

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