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  • Arushi Bhalla
  • Jun 12, 20

Reasons Why Athletes Prefer Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the go-to vision correction for every athletic person. From being an extreme sports enthusiast to occasionally going for a jog, contacts always come handy. The question arises why do athletes prefer wearing contacts over glasses? 

Firstly, every athletic person will have their reason for preferring contacts, it could be for better peripheral vision or avoiding glasses to constantly slipping off from the face. An undeniable fact is that lenses give you clear all-round vision

Let’s elaborate on why athletes prefer wearing contact lenses: 

Peripheral vision Just got Better. 

You need to have all the concentration and focus while playing any sports and contact lens provides you with that vision. As eyeglasses sit about 12mm to 24mm from your eyes, so peripheral vision can be distorted. Not just this, many players complain that wearing glasses makes it difficult to focus on certain objects which negatively affects their performance.



Wider field of view

As we already mentioned that playing sports demands a lot of concentration, but not just this, it also requires you to stay active and aware of your surroundings. Most people who play any sport prefer wearing contact lenses for the same reason. Contacts provide them with a wide, unobstructed field of view while glasses tend to hinder your view. 



Banned From Wearing Glasses

Let alone choosing between wearing glasses and contact lenses while playing sports. Some sports like rugby, boxing and football do not even allow you to wear glasses. It might be allowed for beginner leagues but surely not for advanced leagues. So, get used to wearing contacts if you are planning to take up sports professionally.


No more Glasses Falling off the Face

Adjusting, cleaning and regretting to wear glasses while playing describes the situation of a sportsperson playing with glasses on. All the sweat makes the glasses slip off your face. Throughout the game, you are busy adjusting your glasses and trying to make them stay on your face. Frustrating, right? So now you have enough reasons to choose your eyewear wisely. 


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