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  • Feb 25, 20

Reasons Why Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are a Go-To For Every Lazy Person

True laziness is an art, and if you are the one who places a pillow on your face instead of getting up to turn off the light, then my friend, you are an artist (of the laziness, of course). 

Lazies are the kind of homo sapiens who would rather sit thirsty for hours than get a glass of water. The lazies who wear contact lenses have to make an effort to remove the lenses, clean the contacts and re-insert them(it’s a task man!) 

Don’t fret lazies, Dailies will become your best friend when it comes to eyewear. To use dailies, all you need to do is wear them once and throw them away at the end of the day. No cleaning or storing hassle! 

We can start with understanding the daily disposable lenses as this is a bit of an unfamiliar concept in contact lenses. Daily disposable contacts are thinner, and therefore usually more comfortable and breathable. 

These lenses bestow you with the ability to simply throw away each day's pair of contacts before going to bed and gives you a brand new pair every day. This lets you enjoy the comfort of a new lens everyday without investing the time and effort in cleaning and storing the lenses. 

Daily disposable contact lens is what our fast-paced generation needs. These lenses let you live with one less drama, as they require minimum care and no hassle when it comes to lens care. No need to carry the solution bottle or a lens case; all you need is a pack of daily disposable lenses and you are good to go.

Here are a few reasons why dailies are best for all the lazies: 

  • One For the Procrastinator - No more cleaning of contacts

Do you often procrastinate when it comes to cleaning your lenses? If yes, then daily disposable lenses are made for you! 

Either it's running late for work or coming back from a night out, you do not have the time or energy to clean your contacts; this is when daily disposable lenses come handy! A new lens every day makes your eyes less prone to bacteria and allergy-causing deposits to build upon your lenses which leads to less risk of infection.


  • For The Clumsy One: No hassle of storing lenses

Slip-on, slip off, repeat! This is your contact lens wear everyday routine with daily disposable contacts. No need to carry a solution bottle as these contact lenses are packed in their solution.

This makes daily disposables a lot more convenient and handy. These lenses are also beneficial for occasional contact lens wearers as they can switch from glasses to contacts as per their wish. These lenses are the best friend of a clumsy person! 


  • The One For ‘I don’t feel like stepping out’ - No need to visit a shop to buy solution bottle

Don’t feel like stepping out of your house to buy a solution? No need to! How? Dailies do not require any solution, all you need to do is slip on contacts and when you don’t want to wear them anymore. Isn’t it the best solution! 


  • All the comfort for every eye 

Daily disposable contact lenses are typically very thin and have high water content. Due to the high water content, dailies are more gentle on your eyes and protects against dryness. Also, manufacturers are investing in more comfortable materials and options for a variety of wearers, such as Silicone Hydrogel (SiHy) lenses that allow more oxygen to pass through the lens. 


So, now you have enough reasons to understand why dailies are better for your eyes. Do you want to live with this hassle-free eye care routine? If yes, then you can click here to subscribe to the comfort of aqualens dailies.

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