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  • Anushree Sharma
  • May 02, 22

Amp up your fashion game with Diva Edition | 6 month coloured lenses

House of Aqualens presents Diva, the Limited Edition 6-month coloured lenses that will amp up your fashion game in the blink of an eye. Be it subtle, cute, bold, or sultry, these oh-so-stunning eye lenses will accentuate your natural beauty while providing provide optimal comfort as you take on the spotlight. With this exclusive range, not only will your natural charm will be maintained but your overall look will be enriched by adding on your favorite eye make-up.


Diva range by Aqualens has come up with not just one or two wow factors but we have added a little more...long-lasting coloured lenses that you can use not just for 1-2 days or 1-2 months but actually for 6 months (WOW factor) while ensuring better eye care. To put it another way, there is absolutely no comparison between our Diva range of color lenses for eyes with any other. To know more about your kind of Diva, read below!


aquacolor coloured lenses


Make your eyes stand out

Bold and breathtaking….a blue-eyed look can sometimes be all the Diva in you needs to get the world swooning! These one-of-a-kind Turquoise eye lenses have been exclusively crafted to amp up your fashion game. Featuring a unique combination of green streaks with hues of blue, these coloured lenses will illuminate your eyes to give them a more ethereal look akin to a Goddess.


aquacolor conatct lenses


Embrace a soft appearance

Eye-game is all about subtlety and fun! And with a lens color that is oh-so-green, you can never go wrong! Our Green coloured lenses are a must-have if the Diva inside you wants to turn more than just a few heads with her playful attitude and refreshing flair. With a smooth blend of rich green tones, these eye lenses give a soft and young appearance as you transition your look.



aqualens contact lenses Silver Gray

Create an eye-conic look 

Enigmatic yet raw, this lens color is for the Diva in you who wants to take on the world while also being subtle. A blend of grey, silver, and hints of brown all work together to create a style that’s utterly stunning yet sinful. By playing with these coloured lenses, you can add in the right level of mystique that you have always been waiting for.



aquacolor coloured lenses


Earthy shades of delight
Harmonious and timeless... soothe your Diva with the healing embrace of earthy tones. Our limited-edition Brown lens emanates an old-world elegance that is both reassuring and appealing. The rich undertones of this eye lens will add a dash of refinement to your overall look, while also making you stand out from the crowd.


Recommended: Aquacolor Diva Edition - Brown lens color


aquacolor lensesGrey

Play the captivating eye game 
If you are thinking about creating a smoldering look that will enchant your bae, then look no further than Gray coloured lenses. Designed for the love-struck Diva in all of us, these grey contact lenses come in a slightly lighter grey shade with brown highlights. Whether you're at work or out on the town, these eye lenses will lend depth and definition to your personal style.


Recommended: Aquacolor Diva Edition - Grey lens color


aquacolor lenses

Dusk Blue

Bewitching blue-eyed beauty
Kissed by the sky and cradled by the sea, this blue eye lens expresses the fun-loving Diva inside you. If you want to amp up your style without going crazy with accessories, these blue coloured lenses with hints of green will do the trick. With these eye lenses on, you can easily become the life of the party while you slay your OOTD or OOTN.


Recommended: Aquacolor Diva Edition - Dusk Blue lens color



Eye am a Diva with 6 monthly lenses!

Aquacolor cosmetic lenses have always been a fan favourite because of its stylish shades that can be worn for any event and their lens material that is hygienic and comfortable to wear. However, we had been thinking a lot about how to make your eye care experience more trendy and exciting. Let's be clear: daily disposable contact lenses are hassle-free. You just put them in, take them out, and you're good to go for the rest of the day! As their name suggests, monthly contact lenses are convenient because they last for a full month. However, how can we keep the magic of contact lenses alive for longer? The answer is to blend long-lasting style, comfort, and freedom in one lens. As a result, Diva Edition, our biannual supply of contact lenses, was born.


Diva Aqualens are meant to give you a colourful eye blink experience that lasts beyond the blink of an eye. Each time you put on these colored contact lenses, you will be able to channel your inner Diva by expressing yourself in a variety of ways through its 7 eye-popping colors. Moreover, these contact lenses are made from Polymacon and 38% water content, which provides your eyes with optimal comfort and hydration as you stun the world. 





Features of Diva range

  • Designed for Comfort: Our eye lenses are comprised of Polymacon, which has a 38 percent water content, and are designed to provide exceptional comfort and hydration. These coloured lenses are super soft and maintain a silky smooth feeling in your eyes.
  • Wearability of 6 months: These contact lenses are long-lasting in nature. You can reuse these contact lenses for up to six months after opening the blister, by simply wearing them throughout the day for up to 6 hours, storing them overnight in Aqualens Comfort Solution, and then putting them back on again.
  • Lens for every occasion: Be it date night, movie night, festive season, office, catch-ups, everyday look, or more, there is a hue for you.
  • Color for every mood: These 7 eye contacts will bring out your inner Diva by revealing your sensual, seductive, daring, subtle and confident side.
  •  Say no to discomfort: You can use these color lenses for 6 months without facing any discomfort and uneasiness. 


    Q1) Are Aqualens Diva colored contact lenses safe?

    Yes, Aqualens Diva colored contact lenses are safe as they are US FDA/CE Approved. They are made with safe materials such as Polymacon.


    Q2) How long I can wear Diva contacts a day?

    Our Diva range is easy to use for 4 to 8 hours a day. But, this is also further subject to your eye health and condition.


    Q3) how many times can I use it?

    You can use our Diva range for 6 months after its opening.


    Q4) I am a first time user. How do I wear these lenses?

    You can check out our 3 free tutorials: Link