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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • May 26, 23

Contact Lens Care: What To Do & What Not To Do

Contact lenses have changed the way millions of people view the world and pursue their lifestyles. They are an excellent way to improve your vision and ramp up your beauty game. However, these tiny, precious lenses require as much as care as your precious eyes. It is, therefore, important to understand and be aware of contact lens care. 


Failing to care for your contact lenses properly can lead to infections, discomfort, and other eye problems. In this blog, we will tell you some top dos and don't of contact lens care. Read on.


Dos & Don'ts Of Contact Lens Care

Here are some dos and don'ts of contact lens care that can help you maintain good eye health and enjoy clear vision.

Dos of Contact Lens Care

Let's first learn about how to keep your contact lenses in the best state for long-term and comfortable use. 


Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses

We all know the importance of clean and washed hands before and after having a meal. It is also equally important to have clean hands before you touch or handle your contact lenses whether for wearing them or removing them.

Clean hands reduce the risk of introducing harmful bacteria or germs into your eyes. Use soap and warm water to wash your hands properly and ensure to dry your hands thoroughly with a clean, lint-free towel before touching your contact lenses.

Follow the recommended schedule for replacing your contact lenses

There is a wide variety of contact lenses available including daily disposable contact lenses and monthly disposable contact lenses. These lenses are to be worn as per their particular disposability and wear time. 

For instance, if you have daily disposable contact lenses, you should not wear beyond 1 day, that is, the recommended durability. Same for monthly disposable contact lenses, ensure to replace or discard these lenses after 30 days of use. 

Different types of contact lenses have different replacement schedules, so it is important to follow the instructions provided by your eye care professional. Regular replacement ensures that your lenses remain clean and hygienic.


Use the recommended contact lens solution

Lens solution is the holy grail when it comes to contact lens care. It is your go-to product for the ultimate contact lens guide. Contact lens solution keeps your lenses moist, hydrated and clean for longer use. 


Different contact lens solutions have different ingredients and are designed for different types of contact lenses. Be sure to use the solution recommended by your eye care professional to ensure the best possible care for your lenses. You can also check out Aqualens Comfort Contact Lens Solution with double moisturizing effects to store, clean, disinfect and hydrate your lenses. 

Clean your contact lenses properly

Wearing contact lenses is super fun but lenses require care and the first step to caring for them is to clean them properly. You need to make sure that there is no residue, debris, dust or other external components on your contact lenses before you wear them.

To clean your lenses, place them in the palm of your hand and apply a few drops of the recommended solution. Rub the lenses gently with your finger for about 20 seconds, then rinse them thoroughly with the solution before storing them in a clean case.

Replace your contact lens case regularly

First things first, never use your contact lenses beyond their recommended usage and time. It is thus important to keep a track of the disposability and usage of your contact lenses. 

Contact lens cases can harbor bacteria and other germs, so it is important to replace your case every three to six months. Clean your case regularly with solution and allow it to air dry.

Don'ts Of Contact Lens Care

It is important to also remember what you need to avoid while wearing or handling contact lenses. 

Don't wear your contact lenses for longer than recommended

Wearing contact lenses for too long can increase the risk of eye infections and other problems. Follow the recommended wearing schedule provided by your eye care professional.

Don't use tap water to clean your contact lenses or case

Tap water can contain harmful bacteria and other impurities that can cause eye infections. Always use the recommended contact lens solution to clean your lenses and case.

Don't sleep in your contact lenses

Sleeping in contact lenses increases the risk of eye infections and can cause discomfort and irritation. Always remove your lenses before going to bed.

Don't share your contact lenses with others

Sharing contact lenses can spread bacteria and other germs, increasing the risk of eye infections. Never share your contact lenses with others, even if they are experiencing vision problems.

Don't wear your contact lenses in water

Swimming, showering, or soaking in hot tubs while wearing contact lenses can increase the risk of eye infections. Remove your lenses before engaging in these activities.


The Takeaway

In conclusion, proper contact lens care is essential to maintain good eye health and ensure clear vision. By following these dos and don'ts, you can help prevent eye infections and other problems while enjoying the convenience and benefits of contact lenses.


If you have any questions or concerns about contact lens care, be sure to consult with your eye care professional or reach out to us at

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