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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • May 03, 23

Don'ts Of Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses can be a great way to improve or correct your vision. They provide a more natural look and greater freedom of movement. However, they do require proper care and maintenance to ensure they remain safe and comfortable to wear. Here are some things to avoid when wearing contact lenses:


What Not To Do With Contact Lenses

Here are some top things to remember and avoid doing while taking care of contact lenses:


Don't sleep in your contacts

Sleeping in contact lenses increases the risk of developing eye infections and can cause corneal damage. Contact lenses should be removed before going to bed, and not worn for extended periods of time, especially while sleeping.

Don't wear contacts in water

Contact lenses should never be worn while swimming or bathing. They can absorb water and trap bacteria, leading to infections or even serious eye conditions such as Acanthamoeba Keratitis, which can cause blindness.

Don't share contact lenses

Contact lenses should never be shared with anyone, as this can spread infections and bacteria. Each individual should have their own contact lenses that are specifically fitted to their eyes.

Don't use expired lenses or solutions

Expired contact lenses and solutions can lead to infections, as the chemicals and preservatives in the solution can break down over time. Always check the expiration date and dispose of any expired lenses or solutions.

Don't use tap water to rinse lenses

Tap water can contain microorganisms that can cause infections or damage to the lenses. Always use a sterile saline or multipurpose solution to rinse and clean your lenses.

Don't rub your eyes while wearing contacts

Rubbing your eyes while wearing contacts can cause the lenses to move or even fall out. Additionally, rubbing your eyes can lead to infections or other eye conditions.

Don't wear contacts if your eyes are red or irritated

If your eyes are red, irritated, or swollen, it's best to avoid wearing contact lenses until the condition clears up. This can prevent further irritation or infection.

In summary, contact lenses can be a great option for vision correction, but they require proper care and maintenance. Avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure that your contact lenses remain comfortable and safe to wear. Always follow the instructions provided by your eye doctor and contact lens manufacturer to maintain the health of your eyes.


Stay tuned for more information on contact lens care.

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