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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Apr 28, 22

Embrace the best contact lenses with Aqualens

Let's face the facts: Finding high-quality contact lenses at an affordable price with easy access is tough! Even after visiting a number of shops, scanning the internet, comparing reviews, and asking your friends and family...we will always wind up with the same old conclusion "Good quality contact lenses are expensive!"


Exactly at that moment. Boom. Aqualens was born. With the objective of providing lenses that are not only kinder to your eyes but also kinder to your budget, all of our lenses have been manufactured in world-class plants from across the globe and are easily available online and offline. We have built super comfy, super breathable, and super contact lenses that accentuate your beauty and allow you to experience the world in a way that you have always dreamt of. Therefore, to give clarity to your vision and to enhance your beauty, a justified option for your eyes could be Aqualens contact lenses. 



Aqualens contact lenses

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses


Our range of contact lenses has been designed with the specification that is actually very unique and distinguishes this from other standard contact lenses. To provide your eyes with outstanding comfort and maintain a soft supple experience, our 24H Clear Contact Lenses have been designed with 3rd generation silicone hydrogel. This lens material is regarded as the upgraded version of soft contact lenses and plays a very vital role in maintaining the eye health of the wearer. These lenses ensure that your eyes receive the maximum amount of oxygen and water supply to ensure a healthy and white cornea. Without a healthy oxygen supply, the eyes can tend to become dry and itchy, leading to a blurry vision i.e. Hypoxia. To prevent the occurrence of such an issue, it becomes essential to switch to such types of contact lenses.


Our recommendations are as follows:


Aqualens 24H Toric contact lenses

Aqualens 24H NXT contact lenses

Aqualens 24H Daily contact lenses




Aqualens color lensesAquacolor Premium Lenses


Creating an aesthetic look with ease while ensuring optimal comfort, is quite a challenging task. But our Aquacolor Premium range of coloured lenses can help you set the trend that you have been dreaming of. These color lenses for eyes have been specifically designed to give a colorful grace to your personality by matching your eye's color and your expected look. These premium color lenses from Aqualens are available in 6 stunning colors and work double duty as UV protection contact lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and digital devices. Our basic objective behind the designing of these Premium color lenses is to provide you with a clear vision and complement your look alongside without any compromising on your eye health. Aquacolor Premium eye lenses are monthly disposable in nature and are available as zero-power and power color lenses.


Check out our recommendations:


Aquacolor Premium Zero Power coloured lenses

Aquacolor Premium Power coloured lenses



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