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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Apr 25, 23

Hygiene for contact lens wearers

Contact lenses are a great way to correct vision problems without having to wear glasses. They are a convenient and comfortable option for millions of people around the world. However, it is important to take proper care of your contact lenses and practice good hygiene to avoid eye infections and other problems.

In this blog, we will discuss some important hygiene tips for contact lens users to help keep their eyes healthy and comfortable.


Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses

Washing your hands is the first step to proper contact lens hygiene. Make sure to use a mild soap and warm water to wash your hands thoroughly. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel to avoid getting lint or other particles on your lenses.

Clean your contact lenses regularly

It is important to clean your contact lenses regularly to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria that can accumulate on the lenses over time. Use a contact lens solution recommended by your eye doctor and follow the instructions on the package carefully.

Replace your contact lenses as directed

Contact lenses have an expiration date, and it is important to replace them as directed by your eye doctor. Wearing expired contact lenses can increase the risk of eye infections and other problems.

Store your contact lenses properly

Always store your contact lenses in a clean, dry case that is specifically designed for contact lenses. Never store your lenses in water or saliva, as this can lead to the growth of bacteria.

Avoid wearing your lenses for too long

It is important to follow the recommended wear time for your contact lenses. Wearing your lenses for too long can lead to eye dryness and irritation, and can increase the risk of infections.

Avoid wearing contact lenses in water

Avoid wearing your contact lenses while swimming or participating in water sports. Water can contain bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause eye infections.

Do not share your contact lenses

Contact lenses are personalized medical devices and should never be shared with others. Sharing lenses can increase the risk of eye infections and other problems.

In conclusion, proper hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy eyes when wearing contact lenses. By following these tips, you can help prevent infections and other problems that can affect your vision and overall eye health. If you have any questions about contact lens hygiene, talk to your eye doctor.


Stay tuned for more information on eye health and contact lenses. 

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