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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Mar 17, 22

Let’s make a splash with Aquacolor contact lenses

Holi is an auspicious festival that graces our daily life with colors. These colors spread love, happiness, and positivity into our lives along with special moments. Aside from that, though, this festival gives us a chance to create new trends that define us. This Holi, acquaint yourself with a range of Aquacolor contact lenses that will complement your colorful eye makeup. These eye lenses will most certainly bring out your personality. Our range of colored contact lenses will assist you to set a new trend by emerging with the soul of this colorful fest. So why just only stand with the current trend…go out and create your new trend by not only throwing colors of love in the air but by wearing colors of love in the eyes on this Holi with a range of Aquacolor contact lenses.



Aquacolor lenses

Pink eye makeup for that Holi-stic look


“Holi” is a fest when different shades of colors come together to fill your surroundings with positivity. So on this occasion, wear pink color on not only your cheeks but also on your eyes by combining with a pair of eye lenses from the House of Aquacolor contact lenses. These color lenses will compliment your Pink eye makeup and represent your personality in a classy manner. A range of Aquacolor dailies has built-in Class II UV blockers to keep your eyes safe from, on average, 87% of UVA as well as 97% of UVB radiation. On the other side, these eyes lenses are made from Polymacon which will keep the contact lenses indulgent and relaxed. So, on this Holi slay the trend and go beyond with Aquacolor contact lenses.  



Aqualens contact lenses

Rainbow eye makeup for that Holi-tastic look


Red represents love, green for a new beginning, yellow for warmth and sunshine, blue for the feelings of calmness, and pink for femininity, and kindness…so many meanings with so many hues. So, this Holi why not choose to go colorful by carrying Rainbow eye makeup to outstandingly represent your colorful personality. Additionally, you can combine your eye makeup with a range of Aquacolor contact lenses that will soothe your eyes with all-day comfort and style. Our Aquacolor Premium colored contact lenses will enhance your look with their limited-edition shades. Moreover, these contact lenses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well. Switch to a classy and safe option that will set your new look with colors and comfort.




Aquacolor contact lenses

Aesthetic eye make up for my kind of Holi


Assortment of colors symbolizes your aura and the way you want to exemplify your personality. You don’t need to go with pacifying colors all the time. Rather, go with a vibrant range of colors that will magnify your looks on different occasions, especially Holi. So, on this colorful festival just cherry-pick an aesthetic eye makeup by mingling with a super-duper combination of Aquacolor Monthly colored contact lenses range. These color lenses for eyes will keep your cornea healthy and happy throughout the wearing cycle. These lenses are not only a perfect choice for your eyes but also redefine your personality. So on this colorful festival, become a diva under the umbrella of eye-conic shades. To follow Shivaalika:

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do these contact lenses come in power?

Yes, Aquacolor contact lenses come in power and zero power formats.


  • Is colored contact lenses safe?

Yes, Aquacolor contact lenses are very safe as all of them are US FDA/ CE approved.


  • Can you sleep with colored contacts in?

Sleeping with any type of contact lens is a big NO. 


  • Can you wear colored contacts everyday?

You can wear Aquacolor contact lenses for 10-12 hours.


  • Can I wear the same lens daily?
Yes, you can clean and wear the same lens daily if you have opted for monthly disposable color contact lenses. But you must discard them after a month of use. On the other hand, you must dispose of your daily disposable contact lenses daily after the end of the wearing cycle.

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