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  • Arushi Bhalla
  • Jul 30, 20

This RakshaBandhan, Let's Color Your Joy of Togetherness With Aqualens Color Contacts

This RakshaBandhan will be a different one. The bond of this love-hate relationship is stronger than ever in these difficult times, though, for some, the celebration might be from a distance. After so many months, the families will come together, either virtual or in reality. So, look your best & be ready to make this gathering of togetherness, bonding and endless laughter the best one. 

Every year you get a new Rakhi, gifts, sweets, outfit and the list goes on. Here’s a thought for when you are planning to buy your Rakhi outfit and the accessories. Do you ever think, ‘does this makeup go with my eye color’ or ‘does this outfit suit my eye color’? Instead of going through all this drama, why not just simply choose your eye color! Wait, are you thinking, ‘naaaa, it’s too much work’ or ‘it’s too expensive to buy just for a day’. If these are your thoughts then you have to get Aqualens Candy Pack which is a daily disposable color contact lens pair. 

Here are a few reasons why you need a pop of eye color this RakshaBandhan:

Let the color of your eyes express your mood 

Though we cannot go out to celebrate RakshaBandhan we can still dress up and prepare for the upcoming day that is full walking down the road all dressed up. Maybe a trial run won't be that bad for the adventures ahead, so why not let ourselves loose and express our mood by the vivid range of Aqualens candy pack color contacts. Keep your masks on and let your beautiful colored eyes do all the expressing! 

Match the eye color with your attire

Should I go for this color or that color, will this outfit go with my eye color? Sounds familiar? Then, why not just choose your eye color according to your outfit. No, we are not bluffing; it is best for experimenting with your look because you do not have to buy the entire pack. Just color your eyes when you feel like it! 

An eye color only for special occasions

'Should I try something safe or dare to glam up?' - This statement haunts us all when we have difficult choices while dressing up. However, they might charm up your whole occasion, and you never know you might find your perfect color lens partner. 

Gift it to your siblings

Not in their wildest dreams would they think you will gift them a new eye color. Make them experiment with the boldest of colors they would have never tried on their own. Give them an entirely different look for this RakshaBandhan!

Get your pair of Color Contact Lens today for just Rs. 120!

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