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Retinal Detachment & Breaks

Optic Neuritis


Disorders of Lacrimal System

Disorders of Refraction & Accommodation

Malignant Neoplasm of Eye & Adnexa

Other Disorders of Cornea

Benign Neoplasm of Eye & Adnexa

Senile Cataract

Other Disorders of Iris & Ciliary Body

Thyrotoxicosis (Hyperthyroidism)

Injury of Eye & Orbit

Other Disorders of Eyelid

Disorders of Globe

Other Disorders of Cornea

Hordeolum & Chalazion

Other Disorders of Conjunctiva

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy Eye Care Programme?

Eye Care Programme provides you financial security for around 40 eye related ailments for upto one year. This cover will help you in the following conditions:
- Current Lifestyle: Unavoidable screen time in children & adults alike
- Smoking: According to the CDC, two of the biggest threats for smokers are macular degeneration and cataracts.
- Regular eye tests: A comprehensive eye exam can reveal more than just vision issues.

What are major exclusions?

- Any claim if Insured was already diagnosed and had not fully recovered from any of the listed conditions at the time of purchase of the policy.
- Any claim based on certification/ diagnosis/ treatment from persons not registered as Medical Practitioners, or from a Medical Practitioner who is practicing outside the discipline that he is licensed for, or any diagnosis or treatment that is not scientifically recognized or Unproven/Experimental Treatment, or is not Medically Necessary or any kind of self-medication and its complications.

Is there any age band to get this cover?

Yes, individual from 18 Years - 65 Years are eligible for this cover.

How to raise a claim?

You can reach out to or call on 1800 270 7000

Are there any conditions to get this cover?

- Policy is valid for Indian Citizens.
- No. individual can be covered in more than once in policy
- No changes of sum insured allowed after commencement of the policy

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