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  • Arushi Bhalla
  • Sep 02, 20

A Guide to Choosing the Best Eye Makeup For Colored Contact Lenses

This or that? No more choosing colored contacts according to your makeup or outfit. You can get a variety of colored contact lens without paying through your nose with our affordable Aquacolor Candy pack. So color all you want!

If you are among those people who like wearing makeup & Colored Contacts but are not sure what kind of makeup goes with which colored contact lens. Then, we are here with a few tips on how to wear makeup with colored contacts.

Types of makeup look with Colored Contact Lenses:  

Makeup with Brown Colored Contact Lens

Brown color in contact lenses is most commonly used. It is a go-to lens for a subtle change in your overall look but it might get a little tricky with makeup. If you are wearing deep brown contact lenses, then go ahead and wear darker eye makeup styles. Wearing dark neutral makeup complements deeper shades of brown elegantly.

Makeup with Green Colored Contacts 

You might find green colored contacts tricky if you haven’t tried it before and deciding what kind of makeup will go with it might seem like a challenge. Let us make it simpler for you, as green in itself has an undertone of gold and brown in it, wearing a bit of bronzy makeup enhances your eye color. 

Makeup with Grey Colored Contacts 

Grey Colored Contact lenses stand out elegantly with orange tones of makeup. These include neutral brown, salmon, copper, peach, bright orange and melon. When you wear these colours, it makes the blue undertone from your grey eyes to pop out. Wearing these colours with a touch of light blue shimmer will draw attention to your eyes.

Makeup with Hazel Colored Contact Lenses 

As hazel eye color tends to shift between the shades of golden brown to slightly green. When it comes to choosing the right eyeshadow for hazel eye color, a touch of gold with pink goes well. Though, the variation of brown to green allows you to experiment with your makeup as well.


Makeup With Blue Colored Contact Lens

Oh, who doesn’t want the smokey eye look to make your look more glamorous for that date night or just another clubbing night. This is a timeless makeup look and can never go out of style. Blue colored contacts just go best with smokey eye makeup, you only need to try this look once to fall in love with it.


Makeup with Any Colored Contacts 

No makeup makeup look is perfect for those days when you do not feel like applying a lot of makeup but do not want to step out of your house without any makeup at all. A hint of color in your eyes can do wonders for your no-makeup makeup look. You don't even need to be specific with this kind of makeup, any colored contact lens goes with a no-makeup makeup look.

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