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Aqualens Contact lenses

Product Features

High Comfort with High Performance

4X More Oxygen
UVA & UVB Blocking
HD Vision with Aspheric Design

Choose Wisely

Know what works for you best

Monthly Toric
Maintenance Needed
3 Lenses/ 3 Months Use
24X7 High Performance
Affordable (Rs. 20/Day)
Daily Toric
Fresh Pair Everyday
30 Lens / 30 Days Use
Hassle Free Lifestyle
Premium (Rs. 120/day)

Why Aqualens Toric?

Long Lasting Comfort

Aqualens Toric Lenses are made of third gen Silicone hydrogel, which are advanced soft lenses that are more permeable than regular hydrogel lenses and allow more oxygen to reach the cornea.
Advanced 3rd Gen silicone hydrogel lenses offer the advantage of a higher oxygen transmissibility, which keeps the entire lens surface continuously moist throughout the day.

Fair Pricing

Unlike Major brands in the industry we directly procure US-FDA approved contact lenses from World Class Manufacturers and deliver personally to your doorstep.

Happy Customers

Humera S.


12 Mar 2021

“Super Soft Comfortable Lens”

I am first time user but I did not have any discomfort as they are super soft. These lenses are most affordable and durable ones. N moat natural looking as well.

Kunal Mavani


09 Mar 2021

“Best Quality”

Very much comfortable even after 10hrs, best quality lenses, earlier when I was using other lenses I use to feel irritation after few hours but with these I don't feel anything I even forget that I am wearing lenses



04 Apr 2021

“New pack New day”

The quality and comfort is amazing. I just fall in love with the idea of not having to think about care after wearing the lenses. Just use a new pack new day😀



10 Feb 2021

“The dailies are a revolution”

The dailies are a revolution My first time using contact lens & I chose aqualens. The dailies have spoiled for any other contact! Love them .Thank you aqualens team!