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Aqualens multifocal contact lens dailies 30lens pack
Best daily multifocal contact lenses
Box of 30 lens pack. Aqualens Multifocal contact lenses
Aqualens multifocal contact lens dailies 30lens pack
Best daily multifocal contact lenses
Box of 30 lens pack. Aqualens Multifocal contact lenses


Aqualens 24H Multifocal Contact Lenses (30 Lens/Box)

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    All day wearability

    Keeps your eyes comfortable all day long, from morning to evening.

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    High water content

    These contacts have 56% water content which keeps your eyes moist and comfortable.

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    UV blockage

    These contacts protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

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    4 times more oxygen

    No redness, irritation or dryness, due to 4 times more oxygen supply compared to traditional Hydrogel lens.

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    Aspheric Design

    The aspheric design of our lenses results in sharp and crystal clear vision even at night.

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    Designed for comfort

    Made with 3rd generation silicone hydrogel, allows oxygen to easily reach your eye, reducing levels of discomfort.

  • Product:

    Aqualens 1D

  • Accredition :


  • Lens Material:

    Somofilcon A

  • Eye Power Range:

    -0.50 to -6.00,+0.25 to +5.00

  • Material Group:

    Silicone Hydrogel

  • Packaging:

    30 Lens

  • Lens Type:


  • Water Content:


  • Disposability:


  • Daily Wear:


  • Wear Time:

    All waking hours (24H)

  • Base Curve:

    8.6 mm

  • Diameter:

    14.1 mm

  • Imported by:

    Cooper Vision India

  • Marketed by

    Lenskart Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Customer Support:

    (0)96506 80066,

  • Expiry Date:

    18 Months from date of manufacturing.

  • Gender:


  • Country of Origin:


Do these lenses come in color?

No, these are the clear lenses. You can visit this link , if you are looking for colored lenses.

Are these monthly lenses or daily lenses?

These are daily lenses

What is the water content of these lenses?


How many lenses are in this pack?

There are 30 lens in this pack i.e. 15 pairs. Please check the content part printed on the box.

What’s the diameter of these lenses?

14.1 mm

Do contact lenses make your eyes dry?

These lenses have Aquagen technology which keeps the lenses from drying even after prolonged usage.

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Aqualens 24H Multifocal Contact Lenses (30 Lens/Box)

Aqualens contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses are suitable for people who have more than one eye power. As you grow older, it is natural to develop more than one refractive error. A large section of people begins to develop presbyopia (poor near vision) along with myopia (poor far vision) or astigmatism.

Multifocal disposable contact lenses can provide better vision acuity at all distances, near or far.

Who can use Aqualens Multifocal contact lenses?

People who have
multiple eye powers

People with
age-related presbyopia

Older adults who want
to get rid of glasses

Adults with an
active lifestyle

Reasons to love Aqualens Clear Contact Lenses

Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Long Wearability
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Clarity At All Distances
Silicone Hydrogel
Long Wearability
Aspheric Design
4X More Oxygen

Find Your Best Pick

24H Multifocal
10H Clear Dailies 24H Clear Dailies 24H Toric Dailies
Water Contet 56% 55% 56% 56%
Wear Time Upto 24 Hrs 10 - 12 Hrs Upto 24Hrs Upto 24 Hrs
Single Lens Usage 30 Days 1 day 1 day 1 day
Material Silicone

Power range +0.25 to +5.00, -0.50 to -6.00
-0.75 to -9.5
-0.50 to -6.00,-6.50 to -9.00 SPH:0.50 to SPH:-6.00 in -0.25 Variance, CYL:-0.75 & -1.25, Axis - 10,20,90,160 & 180.
Lens type Bifocal Spherical Spherical Cylindrical
Lens Pack 30 Lens Pack 10 Lens Pack 30 Lens Pack 30 Lens Pack

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