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  • Aug 13, 23

A Deep Dive into Eye Styes and How to Banish Them | Aqualens

Hi Guys, Welcome back to another blog. It's your favorite Gen Z eye care guru from, here to spill the beans on a not-so-glamorous yet crucial topic: styes in the eyes! Fear not, because we're about to dissect this “eye-catching issue”, from what styes are to how to bid them goodbye.


Stye 101: What's the Buzz? 

Ever wondered what's behind that little bump causing a fuss near your eyelid? Well, meet the stye! These bumpy buddies are usually caused by a bacterial infection in the hair follicles of your eyelashes. Styes are like the unexpected party crashers, making your eyelid red, swollen, and occasionally painful. But wait, styes can either be external (popping out) or internal (hanging out inside the eyelid).

Stye Sleuthing: Who's to Blame? 

Picture this: you're going about your day, and suddenly a stye decides to gatecrash your fabulous eye party. So, Who invited it anyway? Common culprits include stress, poor hygiene, and wearing yesterday's makeup. So, here's what to do: keep your eyelids clean and practice a makeup routine that's as smooth as silk.

Stye Solutions: Taming the Eye Bump Beast 

You've got a stye - no biggie! Here are some nifty hacks to send that bump packing. Warm compresses are your BFFs; apply them gently to the affected area for relief. Feeling adventurous? A dash of mild baby shampoo mixed with water can help clean your eyelids. Remember, it's not just about the products you use, but also your habits. Avoid eye-rubbing marathons and make a conscious effort to keep your hands off your face.

Styling through Styes: Your Fashion-Forward Flair 

Who says you can't be the fashionista of the stye world? Just ensure your hands and eyes are squeaky clean, and follow your optometrist's advice. Go for a minimal makeup look, avoid much eye makeup, and make sure you wash your face in case you do. If you wear contact lenses, like those of Aqualens, make sure to take them off carefully without agitating the stye and carefully store or dispose of them. Remember, hygiene is the key folks!

Preventing Future Eye Block Parties: Pro Tips Unveiled! 

Maintain a robust eye hygiene routine, bid adieu to expired cosmetics, and strictly avoid using someone else’s makeup. Also, remember to remove your makeup before you hit the sack. Bonus tip: Add a dash of green tea to your skincare arsenal; its anti-inflammatory properties are like a spa day for your peepers!

Time to Wink Goodbye: Wrapping Up 

Alright, savvy sightseers, you're now equipped with the ultimate stye survival guide. From the moment a stye knocks on your eyelid's door to showing it the exit, you're the boss! So go ahead, strut your stuff with confidence, knowing that has your back with lenses that keep your style and eye health on point. Until next time, keep those eyes sparkling and stye-free!

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