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  • Jul 01, 23

Beauty Hazard Alert: Is Your Makeup Putting Your Eyesight at Risk?

Hey there, makeup enthusiasts and beauty gurus! We've got some serious tea to spill about the dark side of unregulated beauty products. It's time to ditch the drama and protect those precious peepers from potential disasters! So, get ready to slay the game while keeping your eyesight intact. Let's dive into our latest blog where we spill the beans on toxic makeup and how to be a boss babe with safe beauty choices!


Mascaras Or Massacre?

Listen up, beauties! We know you love experimenting with the hottest beauty trends, rocking those bold eye shadows, and turning heads with colorful mascaras. Makeup is all about expressing yourself and embracing your natural beauty. But hold up! Did you know that some unregulated beauty products can totally ruin your eyesight? Yeah, we're not kidding!

Recently, the FDA dropped a major warning bombshell about the dangers of mercury poisoning from certain beauty products. We're talking about shady skin-lightening creams and eye makeup that could seriously mess up your vision. And we're not just talking about a little blurry vision. We're talking about serious health risks like kidney damage and even death. Whoa, that's some scary stuff!

Why Is Mercury More Toxic Than Your Ex?

But how the heck does mercury end up in our makeup bags? Turns out, some sneaky makeup manufacturers use it as a preservative or a skin-lightening agent. But here's the tea: they don't always regulate how much mercury they're pumping into those products. So, when you slather that unregulated beauty product on your face, you're putting your gorgeous self at risk. Mercury is a total neurotoxin, meaning it can build up in your body over time and cause long-term health issues. 

Only FDA Approved!

Now, don't panic, babes. We've got your back with some pro tips to keep your eyes on fleek without sacrificing your health. First things first say bye-bye to unregulated beauty/skincare products. Instead, stick with the OG, reputable brands that have FDA approval and a squeaky-clean track record. Much like our Aqualens Contact Lenses which are US-FDA approved. Trust us, you don't wanna mess with your vision for the sake of a Trend! 

Always Do Your Research!

Oh, and here's a little insider hack for you- always check the ingredient list on the label before dropping that cash. Make sure it doesn't have any mercury or other harmful chemicals lurking in there. Keep an eye out for Hydroquinon(e) in the list, It should be at 20% or less concentration to be considered safe. 

Stop And Drop! 

If you've already been using a product that contains mercury, it's time to cut ties, pronto! Drop it like it's hot and seek medical attention if you notice any sketchy symptoms like blurred vision, tremors, or memory loss. Ain't nobody got time for toxic beauty drama, right?

Remember, your beauty routine should never mess with your well-being. Say no to sketchy beauty products and yes to your long-term vision. Keep slaying those looks and protect your vision for a lifetime. You've got this, gorgeous!

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