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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Mar 01, 22

Recreating popular eye make up with Shivaalika

Ever wondered how the Aquacolor lens range can level up your eye makeup? No idea? Great! because we just had a chit-chat with Shivaalika. Yes, Shivaalika is an influencer but you know what influences her the most.... a palette of colored contact lens by Aqualens. She pursues a contrasting colorful range of Aquacolors to amplify her looks and personality. Shivaalika shared her experience on how she captured the attention of others by using our colored contact lens range with iconic makeup. 


The styles that she was able to create, the way she was able to express herself and the compliments that she got were astonishing, and like a cherry on the cake for us. For us at Aqualens, it is an inclination to satisfy the desire of regulars by representing their extraordinary products. These sorts of reviews make us understand what actual expectations of folks are from eye lens color. Shivaalika has carried a range Aquacolor lens with her versatile looks but her three most promising glance that she adores the most are:




Aquacolor contact lenses

Nude eye makeup for my Traditional style


Traditionals always praise me and I cherry-pick nude eye makeup on it to give everyone a chance to take a peek into my personality. This makeup look is my go-to but I decided to amp up my style game a bit further to rock my traditional attire. This time, I had decided to amplify my look by playing with the colored contact lens of Aquacolor. Hot Hazel was the impeccable choice of eye lens color for me on that particular look. Due to its subtle shade, this lens color immediately set me apart from the rest and accentuates my makeup style while I rock my traditionals. I picked up this colored contact lens from Monthly Disposable-Aquacolor range which confers me an experience of comfort and softness at the same time. Other than this, this range of eye lens color come with built-in UV blockers that guard my eyes against the harmful radiation of the sun. These are actually indispensable aspects which fascinate me the most to buy this range......Go ahead! Slip on! Fashion on!


The best compliment she had received: "Wow! what a stunning look. We’ve never seen someone looking so ready to own this” 

 Aquacolor Lens: Hot Hazel 



Aquacolor contact lenses

Smoky eye makeup for my Date night look


For me, Smokey eye makeup is like cream of the crop that styles me magnificently and admirably. The range of colored lenses always fascinates me the most but combining them with perfect eye makeup looks sometimes like a challenging aspect for me as an influencer. So, for my perfect date night look rather than finding the middle ground, I picked out Spicy Grey eye lens color to compliment my Smokey eye makeup. This eye lens color is from the collection of Aquacolor Daily Disposable Candy Pack which gives my eyes perfect comfort and advanced protection from UV rays. Along with such featured qualities, it always snatches the attention of my date and intensifies my personality flawlessly. Moreover, this lens color is the perfect choice if you are going for smoky eye makeup because it adds the right amount of brightness to your face without going overboard with other beauty products. Also, you can pair this color with any type of dress be it simple or glamorous.


The best compliment she had received: “Hey….Your eyes are simply breathtaking” was the absolute perfect compliment.

 Aquacolor Lens: Spicy Grey



Aquacolor contact lenses

Pink eye makeup for my get together makeup


I never settle on something which is indifferent to my personality whether in-office meetings or casual meet-ups. Pink eye makeup yet a very casual choice but aesthetic at the same time that hit the nail on the head. So, to be in the fame and frame with my Pink eye makeup, I select Sincere Grey eye lens color for meet-ups. These colored lenses I hand-picked from Aquacolor Monthly Disposable range ensure smooth comfort and UV protection from harmful rays throughout the month. This eye makeup is always on my priority list but having an experience with Aquacolor colored lenses was astonishing and amazing. This eye lens color compliments and adds definition to my style. It really helps me stand out from the crowd in a matter of seconds. I don't have to chase after expensive dresses or accessories just set myself apart. 


The best compliment she had received: “Your eyes and pink eye makeup really sets you apart” was the absolute perfect compliment.

 Aquacolor Lens: Sincere Grey 


As a woman, you have different roles to play every time. To help you bring out the real you, we are offering 10% off on your favorite Aquacolor. Also, stay tuned for Women's Day because shhh...we got a surprise for you!  


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do these contact lenses come in power?

Yes, Aquacolor contact lenses come in power and zero power formats.


  • Is colored contact lenses safe?

Yes, Aquacolor contact lenses are very safe as all of them are US FDA/ CE approved.


  • Can you sleep with colored contacts in?

Sleeping with any type of contact lens is a big NO. 


  • Can you wear colored contacts everyday?

You can wear Aquacolor contact lenses for 10-12 hours.


  • Can I wear the same lens daily?
Yes, you can clean and wear the same lens daily if you have opted for monthly disposable color contact lenses. But you must discard them after a month of use. On the other hand, you must dispose of your daily disposable contact lenses daily after the end of the wearing cycle.

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