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  • Dec 11, 19

5 Reasons Contact Lenses Do More Than Just Vision Correction

In our lives, we often fear the unknown. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are reluctant to wearing contacts. Let’s understand about contact lenses and live with one less fear.

A contact lens is a thin, curved lens worn directly on the cornea of the eye. The lens itself is naturally clear but is often given the slightest tinge of colour to make them easier for wearers to handle. Here are 4 reasons contact lenses do more than just vision correction:  

1. Protect your eyes from UV rays 

UV rays not only affect your skin but your eyes as well. We have sunscreen for our skin but obviously, we can’t put sunscreen in our eyes or can we (jk, do not try this at home). Wearing contact lenses not only provides you with crystal clear vision but also protects you from the harmful UV rays and eye damage. Can wearing contact lenses get any better?! 

2. Provides you with better side vision 

What’s the first thing we do in this scenario? Check’em out, right?! Wait, are you wearing glasses? Ooops, they are sort of blocking your side view. Fret not, contact lenses are here for your rescue! Contact lenses provide you with a wider field of view, as side vision is not blocked by spectacle frames. Not just this, contact lenses do not fog up with changes in temperature, and they are not affected by rain. Contact lenses are your go-to vision correction buddy for any weather.


3. Contact lenses do not make your eyes dry 

‘I don’t know why contact lenses cause dryness in my eyes’, you must have heard this a few times from contact lens wearers which might have induced fear of wearing contact lenses in you. 

It is quite impossible to have dry eyes by wearing contacts as silicone is added to the hydrogel plastic which creates a lens that stays moist and allows more oxygen to transmit through the contact lens into the eye. Though, dry eyes are caused when you extend your replacement time. In case of daily wear contacts, if they are over-worn, they can tear because they are so thin, and can irritate or scratch your eye. 

4. Does not let you feel conscious about your look

Am I looking weird? Is everyone staring at me because of my glasses? Am I looking out of place? Do these questions sound familiar to you? If yes, then it’s time to slip on to contacts because they help you retain your look. Be it a wedding, a party or a meeting, you can always be yourself. Say adios to frames on face and hola to a happy frameless face.  

5. Hassle-free active lifestyle

Have you ever witnessed a boxer boxing with specs on or a basketball player playing with specs on? No, right? Players do not play with their glasses on for the obvious reasons like specs slipping down their nose or glasses fogging up a lot with the slightest amount of sweating.

Fret not as contact lenses come for your rescue to bring out the best performance. Contacts stay intact once inserted, they give you the freedom of movement which leads to an improvement in the overall performance of a player. They also come handy for an extensive or everyday workout. So, keep an extra pair of contacts in your gym bag to ace your workout every day! 

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So, say no to fear of wearing contact lenses and yes to clearer hindrance-free vision!  

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