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A Guide to Choosing the Best Eye Makeup For Colored Contact Lenses

This or that? No more choosing colored contacts according to your makeup or outfit. You can get a variety of colored contact lens without paying through your nose with our affordable Aquacolor Candy pack. So color all you want! If you are among those people who like wearing makeup & Colored Contacts but are not sure what kind of makeup goes with which colored contact lens. Then, we are here with a few tips on how to wear makeup with colored contacts. Types of makeup look with Colored Contact Lenses:   Makeup with Brown Colored Contact Lens Brown color in contact lenses is most commonly used. It is a go-to lens for a subtle change in your overall look but it...

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Do You Wear Contact Lenses? If yes, then these 7 things will make you go 'oh, this happens all the time'

People with weak eyesight have two options in life - one is wearing glasses which will sit on their face all day long or two, contact lenses which give them the opportunity to see the world as if their eyesight was never weak. Seriously! Don't believe us? You can try for yourself for FREE  Anyway, every contact lens wearer has moments of happiness and struggles. So, we will be talking about a few things that every contact lens wearer can relate to:  That moment when your contacts fall on the floor and you are like  via GIPHY There's always this one person who will ask, 'did contact lenses ever go behind your eyes'?  via GIPHY   When you are wearing...

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This RakshaBandhan, Let's Color Your Joy of Togetherness With Aqualens Color Contacts

This RakshaBandhan will be a different one. The bond of this love-hate relationship is stronger than ever in these difficult times, though, for some, the celebration might be from a distance. After so many months, the families will come together, either virtual or in reality. So, look your best & be ready to make this gathering of togetherness, bonding and endless laughter the best one.  Every year you get a new Rakhi, gifts, sweets, outfit and the list goes on. Here’s a thought for when you are planning to buy your Rakhi outfit and the accessories. Do you ever think, ‘does this makeup go with my eye color’ or ‘does this outfit suit my eye color’? Instead of going through...

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Get Your Hands on These Amazing Offers on Aqualens Contact Lenses

Are you planning to switch to contacts or just stocking up contact lenses? We can help you save and stock up not only on contact lenses but also on comfort solution for your contacts. You must be thinking about how you can stock and save at the same time?  You surely can with all these offers on contacts and comfort solution. We have different types of contact lenses which includes - color, toric, daily disposable, monthly and much more. All these contacts are USFDA(United States Food and Drug Administration) approved and come in different eye powers.  So, first time users pf contacts put on your glasses for the last time to stock those contacts!  Here are the offers on Aqualens...

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6 Instagrammers That Would Make You Want To Try Color Contact Lenses

Are you the one who is always obsessing over an eye color? Who often imagine how they would look in blue, purple or even green eyes. If this sounds familiar, then colored contacts are what you have been looking for, you can choose an eye color from 8 different Color Contact Lenses starting from INR 99 only.  Yes, we know, tons of thoughts wander in our head when we try to experiment with our look. Thoughts like, ‘what if it looks weird’ or ‘will this make my eyes look bigger’, and many more.  We all feel like experimenting with our look from time to time to break the monotony of life. From changing your hair color to getting that piercing you always...

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