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Get Your Hands on These Amazing Offers on Aqualens Contact Lenses

Are you planning to switch to contacts or just stocking up contact lenses? We can help you save and stock up not only on contact lenses but also on comfort solution for your contacts. You must be thinking about how you can stock and save at the same time?  You surely can with all these offers on contacts and comfort solution. We have different types of contact lenses which includes - color, toric, daily disposable, monthly and much more. All these contacts are USFDA(United States Food and Drug Administration) approved and come in different eye powers.  So, first time users pf contacts put on your glasses for the last time to stock those contacts!  Here are the offers on Aqualens...

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6 Instagrammers That Would Make You Want To Try Color Contacts RN!

Are you the one who is always obsessing over an eye color? Who often imagine how they would look in blue, purple or even green eyes. If this sounds familiar, then colored contacts are what you have been looking for, you can choose an eye color from 16 different colors.  Yes, we know, tons of thoughts wander in our head when we try to experiment with our look. Thoughts like, ‘what if it looks weird’ or ‘will this make my eyes look bigger’, and many more.  We all feel like experimenting with our look from time to time to break the monotony of life. From changing your hair color to getting that piercing you always wanted, these are some ways...

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This Monsoon Season Take Care of Your Eyes With These Simple Eye Care Tips

Finally, the monsoon season is here. This year, monsoon won't cancel any of your plans because you can't even make one! Stay inside, watch the water pouring from the skies. We can't agree more that we all are a bit biased towards this season. Apart from being the best season for us and Bollywood movies, it does bring eye infection that can take a toll on your eye health. Fret not we have created a list of things you can do to take care of your eyes.  Here are some ways to go about it:  Wash your Hands Properly via GIPHY We know, we know, you've read this a lot of times, but still, we can't say it enough. A...

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Reasons Why Athletes Prefer Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the go-to vision correction for every athletic person. From being an extreme sports enthusiast to occasionally going for a jog, contacts always come handy. The question arises why do athletes prefer wearing contacts over glasses?  Firstly, every athletic person will have their reason for preferring contacts, it could be for better peripheral vision or avoiding glasses to constantly slipping off from the face. An undeniable fact is that lenses give you clear all-round vision Let’s elaborate on why athletes prefer wearing contact lenses:  Peripheral vision Just got Better.  You need to have all the concentration and focus while playing any sports and contact lens provides you with that vision. As eyeglasses sit about 12mm to 24mm from...

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Wearing Contact Lenses During Covid-19

In these tough times, these couple of months have been extremely draining emotionally, mentally and financially. Stepping out of your house feels like a risk this situation sometimes makes you vulnerable.  As there is still no definite cause of this pandemic, one is exposed to thousands of opinions and advice to make it harder to make the right decision. Please make sure to take care of your mental health in the process of absorbing all kinds of information.  Being a contact lens brand, it is our responsibility to put out necessary and relevant information for your safety. So, let's begin with the basic and important question - is wearing contact lenses safe during the times of COVID-19.  Contact lens wear...

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