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Choose Right Contact Lens for Your Needs & Conditions

There are multiple glasses for vision correction, similarly, there are various contact lenses too. Most of the customers choose contact lenses as per their day to day activities, and of course eye condition.  Contact lenses are available for all kinds of eye needs and conditions. They vary from monthly contacts to daily contacts; where one needs cleaning on an everyday basis, while the other is all about wearing a fresh pair of contacts and throwing away at the end of the day.  We have mentioned the different types of contact lenses which you can choose according to your lifestyle. Though, we will always recommend you to consult an eye specialist before making a final decision on picking a contact lens. ...

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5 Easy Yet Effective Eye Exercises To Keep Your Eyes Healthy & Happy

Exercise is crucial, be it going to a gym for physical exercise or solving puzzles to increase mental speed and thought processes. Similarly, our eyes also need exercise to maintain proper functioning.  You must have noticed that a lot of times your vision gets a bit blurry or there is redness in your eyes when you sit in front of your computer or TV for a long period. It is so because your eye muscles get weak due to overuse. Eye exercises will help relax your muscles and reduce the blurriness.  Now, let’s get straight to the eye exercises for healthier and fresher eyes:  Put Your Palm On Your Eyes & Feel Relaxed This is the easiest and most relaxing...

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Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy & Wear Contact Lenses Safely

Taking care of yourself is crucial especially at these times. You might have a lot of questions, from how to maintain your well being to taking care of your eyes.  Don’t overthink and stress yourself as we are here with some tips and information to help you understand your eyes better.  If you are comfortable wearing contact lenses but are not sure which one is more hygienic and require less maintenance, then you can go for daily disposable contact lenses.  They are a saviour for eyewear hygiene purpose as wearing a fresh lens every day reduces the risk of infection. Recommendations From the International Association of Contact Lens Educators For Wearing Dailies Safely: Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth...

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5 Reasons That Will Make You Wanna Try Color Contact Lenses Now!

Color your eyes happy!  Do you like wearing contacts? If yes, then you will love color contacts. They are always fun to wear and the best part is that they come in a wide variety of colors. You can have a color for every look and mood. From an office look to a party look, you can revamp your look with colored contacts at any moment. You are just a slip on away from your basic to bodacious look. It’s worth a try!  Always remember, whether you are wearing clear or colored contacts, you will need a prescription from your optometrist. Read on to learn more! Accessory For Eyes  Whether you like wearing makeup or you don’t ? In any...

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We Can't Keep Our Eyes Off These Celebrities Gorgeous Colored Contacts.

Color for your every mood and look!  From Bollywood to Hollywood, nobody could save themselves from getting infected from the fever of colored contacts. How can they? A pair of these can do wonders to your overall look in just a matter of seconds. Colored contact lenses are the best friend of every makeup lover. Probably, that’s the reason why they are so popular among celebrities and influencers The most fun thing about these contacts is that they come in a variety of colors and you can pick a color for every occasion, hair color or complexion. If you still think that you are not ready to experiment with your look, then these celebrity looks with colored contacts is just...

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