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Aqualens Comfort Contact Lens Solution 360 ML

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    Keep the lens moist

    The solutions locks in moisture and retains it all day long

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    No more eye drop

    Formulated for all regular lens user and especially for dry and sensitive eyes.

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    No Dehydreated

    Fights lens dehydration due to pollution and varying environmental conditions.

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    Wide Range of Colors

    Aquacolor colored contact lenses are available in 10 attractive colors under 3 colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same lens case for a longer period of time?

You can use the same lens case if they are absolutely clean. However, aqualens comfort solution comes with a free lens case inside. We recommend you to use a fresh lens case every time you change the solution bottle.

Can I wash the lens case with tap water?

Yes you can wash the lens case with tap water but do rinse with solution before using it.

What is the expiry date for this solution?

Shelf life of aqualens comfort solution is 3 years. Please check the expiry date before using the solution.

When should I use a solution?

You should use the solution for cleaning the contact lenses before inserting them. The solution should be used for storing the lenses after removal(in case of monthly lenses).

How many days can we use the solution once it has been opened?

You should not use the solution for more than three months.

Does it have a lens case as well?

Yes, there is a lens case with this solution.

Can this solution be applied inside eyes?

No, do not apply these inside your eyes as this solution is only to clean lenses.

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