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Aqualens Contact lenses

Clear Contact Lenses - Dailies (30 Lens Pack)
Aqualens Daily disposable 30 contact lenses pack
Aqualens Daily disposable 30 contact lenses pack
Aqualens contact lenses
Clear Contact Lenses - Dailies (30 Lens Pack)
Aqualens Daily disposable 30 contact lenses pack
Aqualens Daily disposable 30 contact lenses pack
Aqualens contact lenses
learn to wear contact lenses


Clear Contact Lenses - Dailies (30 Lens Pack)

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    High water content

    Our contact lenses stay hydrated with 58% water content to provide a refreshing feel to your eyes!

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    Extremely soft and comfortable

    These lenses are made from Omafilcon A. Our unique BlissEdge technology keeps the lens centered and lets more water and oxygen through to reduce friction and irritation.

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    UV protected lenses

    The built-in Class II UV blocker protects your eyes from, on average, 87% of UVA and 97% of UVB radiation from the sun & prolonged digital device usage.

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    More breathability

    Our lenses have the highest oxygen permeability amongst any of the hydrogel lenses.

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    Aspheric Design

    The aspheric design of our lenses eliminate distortion (aka spherical aberration) results in sharp and crystal clear vision (HD Vision) even in dim light

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    Biocompatible comfort

    Our naturally biocompatible hydrogel lenses have no added artificial agents, making them gentler on sensitive eyes — as well as more sustainable, since they take less water and energy to produce.

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    These lenses are usable once from 10-12 hrs.

  • Product:

    Aqualens Daily Disposable 30 LP

  • Accreditation :


  • Lens Material:

    Omafilcon A

  • Eye Power Range:

    -0.75 to -9.5

  • Material Group:


  • Packaging:

    30 Lens

  • DK/t:


  • Lens Type:


  • Water Content:


  • Disposability:


  • Daily Wear:


  • Wear Time:

    10-12 Hours

  • Base Curve:


  • Diameter:


  • Manufacturer:

    Pegavision Corporation

  • Marketed by

    Lenskart Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Customer Support:

    (0)99998 99998,

  • Country of Origin:


Are these clear or colored lenses?

These are clear lenses. You can click on this link if you are looking for colored lenses: Link

Can I wear these lenses for one day or more?

No, dailies should not be worn for more than one day. They are not supposed to be reused. Please make sure you always remove contacts before sleeping.

What is the lens type of these lenses?


For how long can I wear these contacts?

You can wear these contacts for 10-12 hours. Wearing hours also depends on multiple other factors like environmental conditions, eye health,etc. Please consult your eye practitioner for more detail.

How do I wear these contact lenses?

You can use the link to learn how to wear: Link

What is the diameter of these lenses?

14.2 mm

Do these lenses have UV blockage?

Yes, these lenses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays

Can I clean these lenses and wear them again?

These lenses are made for one time use, so it is advised not to clean and wear the same lens. The lenses which are meant to be cleaned and worn again are monthlies. Click on this link to buy monthly lenses. link

How many pairs of lenses are in the box?

You will find 10 lenses in the box which means 5 pairs of lenses.

What is the power range of these lenses?

The power range of these lenses is from -0.5 to -9.5.

What is the expiry date of these lenses?

These lenses usually come with a shelf life of more than 5 years but please check the expiry date printed on the box. You can use the lens till the date of expiry.

Does this have a cylindrical power as well?

These are the spherical ones. Though, you can go for toric lenses, if you are looking for contact lenses with cylindrical power. Click on this link to buy:  

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I was very scared to wear lenses. Daily disposable lenses were the first lenses I ever wore, it seemed difficult to wear lenses for the first time but these are so easy to wear once you get used to it.
Ayushi Batra | 29 November 2021
No problem of storing or cleaning. All you need to do is just wear them once and throw it away.
Aashima Gupta | 2 November 2021
these lenses feel so fresh in your eyes and they are really hygienic as you only have to use and throw them once
Aaradhiya | 12 October 2021
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