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  • Abhishek Sharma
  • Jul 01, 20

Get Your Hands on These Amazing Offers on Aqualens Contact Lenses

Are you planning to switch to contacts or just stocking up contact lenses? We can help you save and stock up not only on contact lenses but also on comfort solution for your contacts. You must be thinking about how you can stock and save at the same time? 

You surely can with all these offers on contacts and comfort solution. We have different types of contact lenses which includes - color, toric, daily disposable, monthly and much more. All these contacts are USFDA(United States Food and Drug Administration) approved and come in different eye powers. 

So, first time users pf contacts put on your glasses for the last time to stock those contacts! 

Here are the offers on Aqualens Contact Lenses: 

FREE Aqualens Daily Disposable Trial Pack 

Keep an ‘eye’ on this offer if you have never tried Daily Disposable Contact lenses or contact lenses in general. It will give you the experience of wearing contact lenses without actually buying them. This trial pack consists of 2 boxes of 5 Daily Disposable contact lens pack(for each eye power). What are you waiting for? Get your trial pack now! 

30% off on all Aquacolor Contact Lenses 

Color your eyes as you like without lightening your wallet. Aquacolor contact lenses have 16 different colors in 3 types of contacts - 

Daily Disposable color contacts without power

Monthly Color Contacts Without Power

1Lens Pack With Power

You can have all these colors with a discount of 30%. Go ahead, stock them all for your all time fav eye makeup and you can finally wear that outfit that never looked good with your glasses. 

Combo Pack Solution Offer

You always need to carry a solution bottle if you are wearing monthly contact lenses. Aqualens combo pack is what every contact lens wearer should stock.The pack consists of:

2 - 360 ml comfort solution, 

1 - 120ml Solution to carry in your bag

1 - 60ml solution for those travelling days, it can fit in the tiniest of your clutch.  

Let’s stock up on a solution! 


20% off on all Aqualens Contact Lenses 

Get a discount on all the products on Aqualens Contact Lenses, from Daily Disposable contacts to comfort solution. You will get a 20% discount on all these products. You can now stock and save on contact lenses. Please note, this offer is not valid on color contacts. 


Steps to Avail the discount on products: 

Visit Aqualens website -

Go to ‘our lenses’ and choose the contacts of your choice

Add your chosen product in the cart. 

If you are purchasing Contact Lens, then add eye power, and if you want someone to call you for confirmation of your eye power, then you can choose, 'call me later'. The concerned person from our team will call you to confirm your eye power. 


Enter your details and put the discount code in the discount code section. 

Choose a payment mode and proceed

Voila, contacts are on your way! 

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