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  • Mar 13, 20

Take Your First Step Into the World of Frame-less Vision With These Simple Tips

The first time is always tough. 

  • Contact lens user


Oh god! Where is this going? Oh no! It’s just not getting in. Is this supposed to be this way or am I doing it wrong? Oh wait, it’s still on my finger, is it inverted, what if it gets stuck (ha! If you had this thought, then you have to read this *blog of myths*). Finally, the contact lenses are in, no wait, is it in or what! Oh, ouch, blink, ouch; the blinking process goes on for a couple of minutes. 

Congratulations on trying to overcome one of your fears. Wearing contact lenses for the first time is an exciting yet overwhelming experience; as now you’ll be able to perform all the activities which glasses might have hindered earlier.

Before contact lenses become a habit, it could be a bit of an alien concept. The alienation is induced due to the lack of knowledge or information about contact lenses. 

Here are a few tips that will help you escape the above situation: 

Get your prescription 

The foremost and most important thing before trying on your first contact lens is to go for a proper eye examination from a qualified optician. Do not confuse your glasses prescription and contact lens prescription as they both are different. So, don't waste buying contact lenses with your glass prescription. 

Keep your hand relaxed 

Your hand might tremble a bit when you try to balance the contact lens on your finger for the first time. So, take a deep breath and try to keep your hand at ease. In the process of inserting a contact lens in your eye, hold the contact lens in your dominant hand and place it onto your eye. Use your other hand to keep your eyelid open so that you don't blink in the middle of the process. 

Inserting and removing your contacts 

Once you are relaxed and ready to insert the contacts, make sure your contact lens looks a little like a cup and is not bumped in any possible way because it makes it difficult to insert. While inserting the contact lens, pull your upper eyelid up and your bottom eyelid down to prevent blinking.  Don’t try to put the contacts directly into the eyeball, instead, look upwards and place the contact lens near it. Now let go off your eyelids and close your eye so the lens can settle. Repeat the process with the other eye as well.

Stick to the prescribed duration of the contact lenses

There are chances that you might lose track of the duration of the wearability of contact lenses. You have to keep in mind that you do not exceed the limit, as it can induce dryness or itching; which can lead to eye infections. Let’s take the example of the duration of aqualens contact lens: 

  • Aqualens dailies can be worn for 12-14 hours 
  • Aqualens 10H contact lens for 10-12 hours 
  • Aqualens 24H contact lens for all waking hours (24 hours) 

Self-check of contact lenses

Once you have successfully inserted contact lenses, you self check whether your contact lenses feel right or not. You can do this by asking yourself these following questions: 

How do your eyes feel after wearing contact lenses? You should remove and re-insert your contacts if they feel uncomfortable. Re-insert in some time if your eyes become watery or right away if it feels okay, go by your instinct.

Is my vision fine? If you can’t see as well as you should when they go in, that’s a sign that something is out of place. 

Now, you will be able to successfully have a frameless vision! 




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