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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Apr 02, 20

5 Reasons To Try Colored Contact Lenses

Have you ever had your heart broken and wanted to change your life? Or felt bored of your everyday look and wanted to restyle? What is that one thing you sought during these overwhelming situations? - A cost effective, stylish, and easy makeover. Colored contact lenses make that possible. 

Not that you would want a reason to try these amazing, astonishing color lenses, but if you do, we have compiled a list. But first, we go back to color school and learn what are color contact lenses?

About Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are soft lenses that pigmented in a certain color shade to help achieve a change of eye colors. These lenses are no different from your regular contact lenses except they are colored. 

These are tiny lenses that fit directly over your cornea. You can have a color for every look and mood. From an office look to a party look, you can revamp your look with colored contacts at any moment. You are just a slip on away from your basic to bodacious look. It’s worth a try! 

5 Reasons That'll Make You Love Colored Contact Lenses 

Perfect Accessory For Eyes - Makeup or No Makeup 

Whether you like wearing makeup or you don’t ? In any case, colored contact lenses are your best friend. How? Oh, will tell you.

If you are a makeup enthusiast and a budding fashion blogger, colored contact lenses can help you achieve a final finishing touch. The range of color lenses can complement your makeup looks. For instance, if you are donning a pastel eye shadow look, you can make it more attractive by adding a complementing eye lens such as hazel lenses. If you are wearing bold and glamourous music with glittery, shimmery eyes, icy blue color lenses are your go-to. 

On the contrary, if you are not a makeup person but more of a natural look person, colored contact lenses can still do wonders for your overall appearance. No heavy makeup, lash lifts, shaped eye brows or eye shadows, just a change in eye color can leave people staring and wondering! Don’t believe us? You can get a pair for yourself



Convenience and beauty on-the-go 

A large section of the population in India wear contact lenses for vision correction. Contact lenses for eye prescription are an easier, convenient and more comfortable alternative to eye glasses. 

It is because contact lenses slip directly over your eyes and do not hide your facial features. Lenses also do not sit over your face and leave temple marks on your nose. You do not need to adjust or fix your lenses every other minute. And they provide perfect, crisp and clear vision. 

So if you wear contact lenses for your eye power. Switching to colored contact lenses is even easier. It is basically a win-win situation! Cleaning them takes just the same amount of time as the regular ones and you also get to flaunt that color in your eyes ( did we hear Yay!). You know what the best part is - you can now buy either daily disposable or monthly disposable colored contacts. So, purchase as per your need and convenience.


Full color palette 

Who wants to be simple when you can be stunning? Colored contact lenses allow you to unveil your stunning side each day of the week. There is no need to stick by just one eye color when you can discover the widest range. At Aquacolor, you find more than 40 color lens choices. There is a huge array to choose from including blue lens, brown lens, grey lens, purple lens, green lens and more. 

You can pick a color for every occasion or why not just wear one when you are sitting at home. Looking good for yourself is in, right? 


 You know how the saying goes - People are going to stare anyway, make it worth their while. Colored contact lenses are the perfect accessory to keep all the eyes on your eyes. 

As superficial as it might sound, we all like being looked at (in an admirable way, not creepy, of course) and colored contacts always make heads turn. With colored contacts, you can go mysterious with our mystery hazel, let him dive into your blue eyes with ocean blue contacts or add a little spice to that hot dress with spicy grey contacts. This is not all, there’s so much more color for your eyes! 


The Celeb-influence

Recently, social media has gained so much hype that it has literally penetrated into our offline lives as well. Social influence play an important role in determining our choices these days. And irrespective of how fickle social trends are, colored contact lenses are here to stay. 

Color lenses are quite popular among celebrities and influencers. From Hollywood to Bollywood, nobody could resist wearing colored contacts. You might believe in the misconception that these contacts are more feminine. Though, a lot of male Hollywood celebrities like Kanye West to Orlando Bloom wear colored colored contacts. 

Get your pair of color contact lenses today! 

The Takeaway 

Colored contact lenses are no more just an accessory. They are a significant part of your beauty regime. Just like Kajal or skincare, it is a step you would not want to miss to achieve your desired look. 

Aquacolor Colored Contact Lenses give you the whole blue sky to paint it whatever color you want. Recreate classic and chic styles with our range of color lenses and flaunt them at your feed and daily life. 


Is it safe to wear colored contact lenses?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to wear colored contact lenses. These lenses are made from high-quality Polymacon material and keep your eyes fresh and moist for long periods of time.

Do colored contact lenses come in power?

Yes, whether you have eye power or not, you can wear colored contact lenses. If you have eye sight problems, you can choose color lenses for your eye power. Check them out here

Which is the best colored contact lens?

The best colored contact lens for every individual is different. It depends on a range of factors include your skin tone, your style preference, your outfit, makeup and eye power. 

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