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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Feb 22, 22

Enhance your eye makeup with colored lenses! #LevelUpWithAquacolor

Let’s be honest! When it comes to creating a sparkling personality, your attire can never be a single-handed option. Limiting yourself to a new lip tint, a pair of heels, primer, foundation, and a hairstyle, can surely bring out a new you but will it really define you? Not really...

Eyes are the most attractive part of your face. They not only act as a window to your soul but also grab the attention of others. All in all, your eye makeup matters a lot! Each style has the power to not only bring out your personality but also enhance your natural features. So how about exploring a perfect eye makeup that will not only define you but also dazzle others. To join you in this journey of truly expressing yourself, Aqualens is offering a palette of colored lenses to ace up your style game by complementing your make up look. Go ahead! Switch your look day in day out with 40+ attractive lens colour that will keep you happy, comfy, and refreshed.




coloured contact lenses | Aqualens

How to create right eye makeup for small eyes


Keeping up with the latest trends is simple, but being a trailblazer is nearly next to impossible. Toss in the fact that becoming a style icon, especially if you have small eyes is a tough nut to crack. Color-coordinated lip gloss, handbags, and heels don't exactly do much to bring out your personality but eye makeup for tiny eyes with coloured contact lenses surely can. 
Let's do Envy Green lenses with an orange lip tint and a sparkly highlighter to complete your date-night ensemble. Now accessorize your look with your favorite pair of hoops, wavy side curls, and a bun so that the focus will be all on your eyes. The subtle green shade of this lens will help you to create a big doe-eyed look as well as accentuate your natural features. While planning out your look, you also have the option to choose from more than 20+ different colors from Aquacolor Monthly disposable contact lenses to flaunt your style. These extended wear contact lenses have also been specially designed to provide you protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.




Aqualens coloured contact lenses

How to go sultry with smoky eyes makeup


In the world of fashion, Smokey eyes makeup is the most appealing look as it brings the Diva out of you even if you are a beginner. This makeup style is ideal for those who want to wear fashion on their eyes but don’t want to burden themselves with heavy make-up or accessories. To breathe life into your Smokey eyes makeup, we are offering you a stunning range of blues...Ocean Blue (featured here), Tricky Turquoise, Icy Blue lens colors, and many more. All you need to do is compliment your entire look with a bit of bronzer, some rouge, and voila, there you go! 


Our range of FDA-approved colored contact lenses, Aquacolor Dailies come with eye colors that will help you show your personality in a very sophisticated manner. Made from Polymacon, these lenses are super affordable and provide ample hydration and breathability to ensure a comfortable wearing experience. The Class II UV blocker protects your eyes from, on avg. 87% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays from the sun and digital devices. While the biomoist packaging formulation provides a soft feel to optimize eye comfort.



Aqualens contact leneses

How to glam up with pink eye make up


If you are in the mood to look catchy, alluring, and elfin for every reason and occasion, then you will love pink eye makeup. This versatile style is a must-have if you are getting ready for office, a night out with colleagues, or giving presentations. To pull off this popular look without going overboard or sans drama, you must give a shot to the Mystery Hazel color lens from Aqualens Candy Pack in addition to your regular professional attire.


Aquacolor Daily Disposable Candy Pack features a range of 10+ trendy shades that not only promises you plenty of pizzazz but also safety to your eyes from the harmful rays of digital devices. Apart from the recommended color lens, you can try out our Turquoise lens colour or even Brown and Gray colored contact lenses that will compliment your pink eye makeup for office meetings. Also, available in zero power, these eye lenses provide the best possible comfort to those who wear them throughout the prescribed wearing cycle. Moreover, these ultra-soft contact lenses will provide you with a silky smooth feeling to your eyes while you are slaying the game. 




Your eye makeup tells the world a lot about who you are. It sets you apart from the crowd and helps you start your own craze. Add in your favorite Aquacolor colored contact lenses, and you can simply trend on. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do these contact lenses come in power?

Yes, Aquacolor contact lenses come in power and zero power formats.


  • Is colored contact lenses safe?

Yes, Aquacolor contact lenses are very safe as all of them are US FDA/ CE approved.


  • Can you sleep with colored contacts in?

Sleeping with any type of contact lens is a big NO. 


  • Can you wear colored contacts everyday?

You can wear Aquacolor contact lenses for 10-12 hours.


  • Can I wear the same lens daily?
Yes, you can clean and wear the same lens daily if you have opted for monthly disposable color contact lenses. But you must discard them after a month of use. On the other hand, you must dispose of your daily disposable contact lenses daily after the end of the wearing cycle.

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