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  • Roop Srishti
  • May 03, 21

How to Choose Right Color Contact Lens to Enhance Your Look

Fashion is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Some trends are evergreen, while others go out of style. The trend of colored contact lenses is here to stay. It started around the early 2000s and is still going strong. In fact, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez flaunting their color contacts on social media, Millennials and Gen-Z’ers are veering towards zero power color contact lenses to make a style statement. 

Color contacts are not just for fashion. Even those who need powered lenses have a wide array of power color contact lenses to choose from. Color lenses are now considered an accessory staple to add to your stash of fashion must-haves for night outs or brunches with friends. Color contact lenses add extra depth and character to your outfit and make your eyes pop. 

Choosing the right color contact lenses could be quite tricky. Following a trend is one thing, but not knowing how to pair them with your skin and hair color could make your style fall flat on its face. Here’s a handy guide on how to shop for those perfect pairs of zero power color contact lenses or even power color contact lenses to rock your social group and Instagram feed.


Best Suitable Color Lenses as per Your Skin Tone - 

Contact Lenses for Fair Skin Tone: 

If you have fair skin with a cool skin tone, you can go for gray, purple, or blue color lenses that would complement your undertone wonderfully. With fair skin tones, you can choose to dazzle with bold colors like turquoise, amethyst, and aqua color contacts as well.


Contact Lenses for Tan Skin Tone : 

If your skin tone ranges from a light brown to a light olive complexion with warm undertones, you can go for almost any bright color contact lenses that would make your eyes and skin pop. Hazel color lens, brown color lens, honey, grey, and green color contacts, either zero power color contact lenses or power color contact lenses, would go great on your skin tone.


Contact Lenses for Dark/Brown Skin Tone:

If you have a dusky skin tone with warm undertones, choose color contacts that contrast with your skin tone. You can choose color contact lenses with highlights of honey, hazel, or brown, or an icy blue color lens. You can amp up your style statement with a gray color lense or even smoky color ones to make heads turn. Stay away from popping colors like pink or aqua, as they would not go well with your skin tone.


Color Contact Lenses Based on Hair Color Shades - 

You can find best suitable Color Lenses not only on the basis of your skin tone, but also you can find which color lens suits on your personality best on the basis of your current hair color. Let's look into the shades of color lenses which goes best with below types of hair colors to Enhance your look -


Best Color Lenses for Brown Hairs:

Hazel color lens or brown color lens go great with brown hair and brings out a natural and stylish look. For dramatic effects, you can opt for a blue color lens as well.


Best Color Lenses for Blonde Hairs: 

To make your eyes look radiant, you can choose color contact lenses with jewel tones. Bright blue, shades of green like emerald and violet would go great with blonde, light, and platinum hair for a dramatic flair.


Best Color Lenses for Black Hairs:

If you have black or dark hair, almost any color lenses will suit you. Ranging from deep browns to green color lenses, you can choose any to give you an instant makeover.


Best Color Lenses for Red & Neon Hairs:

Green tones go great with red hair to bring out your style. Use a light green color lens with light red hair and a fierce green color lens for deeper reds. For any other colors, such as neon, pink or purple, do not go for anything dramatic since that would clash with your hair color. Opt for simple ones like coco brown color lens, halo black color lens, or midnight black color lens to send out your style statement.

After you have narrowed down your color contact lenses, you should try them out under low and bright lights to see which one goes with your overall appearance. Take into account whether you are planning to wear them daily, like to your workplace or occasionally, like to parties, while making the decision. Get ready to flaunt your style. 


While buying your zero power contact lenses or power contact lenses, ensure that you can properly take care of them. Be mindful of how to store them and when to replace them. Never share your color lenses with anyone, and do not wear them if they cause irritation or redness in your eyes. Never forget to disinfect them properly and do not skimp on your lens solution. These tips will go a long way in keeping your color contacts safe and usable for a long time. Most importantly, have fun with your look, be confident, and maintain your Snapchat streaks with your beautiful eyes!


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is it safe to wear Coloured contact lenses everyday?

A1. Color contacts are safe to use and can be used daily. For power color contact lenses, you can get prescription from your doctor and use them everyday.

Q2. For how long can I wear color contact lenses?

A2. You can wear them daily as long as you are comfortable but must always be removed before sleeping.

Q3. Would I be able to see clearly with color lenses?

A3.Color contact lenses only change the appearance of the color of your eyes and in no way would hinder your vision.

Q4. Are color contact lenses safe?

A4. Yes. They are safe. However, to ensure their safety and hygiene you should always take care of the properly by cleaning them with lens solution and changing the solution daily while storing them.

Q5. Are color contact lenses comfortable?

A5. Yes, color lenses are comfortable to wear. Although, if you are a first time user you might feel the lens in your eyes, but that goes away in no time. If irritation persists for a longer time, you should remove them and try later or consult your eye doctor.

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