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  • Santu Seal
  • Sep 03, 23

Tear Talk: FAQs on Crying with Contact Lenses and Expert Tips

Whether you're a seasoned contact lens wearer or just curious about the world of eye care, you're in the right place. I'm your friendly eye care specialist from Aqualens, and today, we're delving into the intricate topic of tears. More specifically, we're going to explore the physiological functions of tears and tackle those burning questions about crying while rocking your contact lenses. So, grab a seat, and let's dive into the tear-filled world of eye health!

The Physiology of Tears

Why Do Tears Flow? 

Tears are not just salty drops that roll down our cheeks during emotional movie scenes; they're superheroes for our eyes. They have a trio of roles: lubricating, protecting, and emotional expression. You've got your everyday tears that keep your eyes moist (reflex tears), and then there are the special ones that flow when you're feeling all the feels (emotional tears). They're like eye multitaskers!

Breaking Down the Tear Film

Picture your eye as a complex masterpiece with a tear film as its protective shield. This shield has three layers - the lipid (oil) layer, the aqueous (water) layer, and the mucin layer. Each layer has a unique job, like keeping the tear surface smooth, defending against germs, and making sure your tears stick to your eye. It's a delicate balance that's crucial for sharp vision.

Contact Lenses and Their Tear Tango

If you're part of the contact lens club, understanding the tear dynamics is crucial. You want lenses that groove well with your tears. That's where Aqualens steps in. Our contact lenses are designed to play nice with your tears, offering you comfort all day long. No more dry eye drama!

FAQs on Crying with Lenses

Can I Have a Good Cry with My Lenses? 

Absolutely, you can! But there's a catch - keep those hands clean! Before you dab your eyes, make sure those fingers are pristine to dodge infections. And remember to blink; it's like a mini refresh button for your lenses.

Will My Tears Ruin My Lenses? 

Fear not, your tears won't destroy your lenses, but they can cramp their style. Excessive tears might wash your lenses away, so keep the waterworks in check. Managing your emotions = happy lenses. You can always use Q-tips or tissues at the inner edge of the eyes to soak up the tears, that way you won't compromise on your quality cry time.

Pro Tips for Tearful Moments

  • Always carry lubricating eye drops for some post-crying relief.
  • Blink regularly; it helps keep your lenses hydrated.
  • If your lenses start acting up, take them out, give them a little cleaning TLC, and pop them back in.

Understanding the inner workings of tears and how they dance with your contact lenses is like having the backstage pass to a great show. At Aqualens, your eye care is our priority. We've got the best contact lenses online, so you can enjoy clear vision and comfort, even when emotions run high. Say goodbye to blurry tear-filled moments!

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