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  • Anushree Sharma
  • Feb 05, 22

3 Ways to celebrate Valentine's day with contact lenses | Aqualens

There can be no bigger day to celebrate love than February 14th. This Valentine's Day, let's discover how something as simple as a pair of contact lenses can help you rediscover your love for yourself as well as the love you share with your friends or a lover.


Let's start viewing life from the #LensOfLove.


Enough of the same old V-Day plan when you spend Valentine’s Day simply scrolling through Instagram looking at cheesy pictures of couples, wishing for something similar while tiring your eyes. This Valentine’s day, step up and change your perspective with good thoughts and wear Aqualens, the best brand for contact lenses. So, don’t be too busy to explore a new look, just slip on Aqualens eye lenses and enjoy this Valentine's Day with your partner. Only just go and explore the best-colored outfit that gives pinnacle to your personality with a match of suitable shades of lens (be it color or clear) and dramatic lip tint. Let’s just magnify our vision with the best eye lens range of Aqualens contact lenses, which are not only trendy but also comfortable, and focus on the hundred little things that are full of joy and love.


Aqualens 24H Daily disposable contact lenses

Give some love  with long wear contact lenses


You are the captain of your life, you are the one who runs your show, and do you give yourself enough credit for that? The Secret is that the love that you seek externally is already there in plentiful inside you, all you need to do is change your vision. How about a pair of nice contact lenses for this purpose?

So, if you're a stay-at-home kind of person, how about you enjoy a fun evening in bed eating some good food, and binge-watching your favorite series? While you do, keep those bulky spectacles away and slip into a pair of comfortable and long wear contact lenses. Don’t go anywhere to explore types of contact lenses, just feast your eyes on a range of Aqualens 24H Daily Disposable contact lenses which will provide your eyes with 24x7 comfort. These lenses are made of 3rd gen silicone hydrogel which provides enhanced breathability and hydration. When you put on these eye contacts, you will get 4x more oxygen supply to your eyes than other standard hydrogel lenses, which will keep your eyes healthy and alleviate symptoms of Dry Eyes Syndrome. With this daily lens on, your eyes will get protection from the harmful UV rays of digital devices while you sit back, relax and munch on your snacks. 


Aquacolor Daily Disposable colored power contact lenses | eye lenses

Give some glare  with long wear contact lenses


This V-Day, take yourself out on a date, Dress up, style yourself, and put on that pair of colored contact lenses that you have always wanted to try. Aquacolor Contact Lenses are sure to add an external touch of joy to your life by letting you see yourself in a new light, they are also here to remind you that ordinary things turn into extraordinary by putting on colored contact lenses and you will start looking at them with love and a new perspective.

So, if you are going out on a date with your bae, then you can both opt for matching glare of your eyes or you can create a new eye-blazing look with Aqualens colored power contact lenses that comes in trending new colors. We offer so many different types of hues that you can experiment and adorn yourself with. If you want to want to add some peppiness to your look, then you can opt for an aqua blue lens, with our Ocean Blue lens or choose a pair of hazel colored lens with Mystery Hazel to add a touch of sultriness to your personality. And, if you find joy in uniqueness then Misty gray, our grey contact lenses will be a good choice for you, and if you’re all about simplicity and grace then our Walnut Brown. Slip-on sand enjoy your outdoorsy date in style.

Aqualens Daily contact lenses | eye lenses

Give a surprise  with contact lens accessories


Is this your first Valentine's Day celebration with your partner? We recommend you plan a surprise date and surprise them with a quirky gift. How about gifting them something nice and stylish. Do not stick run-of-the-mill options like red rosy flowers, cheese berry chocolates, cute bears, and all. So, how about gifting your dearest ones with a Comfort palette? Bring in all your bae’s go-to gifts and add in contact lens accessories, that include a designer contact lens case and add in your fav Aqualens Daily Disposable contact lenses.

Your Aqualens Daily disposable contact lenses are an excellent choice for a one-day lens that will provide you with ultimate hydration and comfort . The Omafilcon A and BlissEdge technologies used in the production of these soft contact lenses will ensure that you will experience the ultimate bliss of crystal clear vision and a smooth silky feeling throughout the wear cycle. By allowing ample water and oxygen to reach the cornea, these eye lenses will keep your eyes white, happy, and healthy. This V-Day, fall in love with the sunshine through your lens, or maybe just soak your senses with the smell of fresh flowers as you take a walk in the garden wearing your favorite Aqualens.

This V-Day, the possibilities of experimentation and style quotient are endless, as long as you are wearing your favorite pair of contact lenses. Your #LensOfLove by Aqua Lens.
Team Aqualens wishes you a vivid and lovely V-Day!
#Aqualens #LensOfLove


Frequently Asked Questions


1 What will be the wearing schedule of colored contact lenses?
You can wear Aquacolor Daily Disposable contact lenses for approx. 10 - 12 hours in a day. Slip them on in the morning and discard them at the end of the day as they are daily disposable lenses.

2 How can I grab an experience to wear contact lenses?
If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, then go ahead with the Aqualens Trial pack which is available at Rs. 99 only. Link 

3 Can contact lenses correct Myopia?
Aqualens contact lenses are considered as best contact lenses for myopia and hyperopia.

4 Is it OK to wear expired contact lens?
It is not okay to wear expired contacts at all. Bacteria, fungi, and amoebae present on an expired contact lens can cause severe eye infections that can lead to blindness.

5 Is it safe to swim with contact lenses?
No, you should never wear contact lenses while swimming because lenses can absorb the water, trapping potential bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens against your eye.

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