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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • May 02, 22

The DIVA Edition: Aquacolor color lenses for the DIVA in you

We live in an age of spontaneity where our attention spans have narrowed down to a mere 15 seconds (Instagram reels fever) with hundreds of trends coming along. And it is only natural to want to follow each one of them! With this energy, you need a constant companion to help you revamp your look at the blink of an eye. We heard your needs and are here with a solution - Aquacolor DIVA Edition, an exclusive range of color lenses!

Aquacolor - DIVA Edition is your single source of swift transformations that suit all of your moods and styles. We bring to you a collection of our premium color contact lenses that can be used for not 1, not 2 but a whole 6 months! 


About the DIVA Edition color lenses 

The DIVA Edition is the ultimate fashionable accessory for the diva in you. The biannual colored contact lens pack contains a pack of two high-quality colored contact lenses that can be reused for upto 6 months. 

With this edition, you get access to our chic range of color lenses including - turquoise lenses, green eye lenses, silver gray lenses, marigold brown lenses, and gray lenses. 

Get your favorite color today before it sells out!


Why DIVA Edition color lenses?

As said earlier, Aquacolor DIVA Edition is our limited range of classy color lenses. Besides easy transformation and makeovers, the 6 month contact lenses have a lot to offer. 


Designed for comfort 

Aquacolor contact lenses are made from the finest materials. There is nothing we would not do for your comfort. Our range of color contact lenses display just the same. These lenses are built from Polymacon material and have higher water content. 

High levels of water content allow your eyes to remain hydrated and fresh so that you look gorgeous and see a beautiful world with healthy eyes. 


A lens for every occasion 

Visiting a friend out of town? Attending a cousin’s wedding? Going bar hopping? Asked your date out finally? Our Aquacolor DIVA Edition has an ultra-comfortable lens for every occasion you need to go to. With our wide range of color lenses, you will run out of reasons to play an outing. 


Long wearability 

We know how comfortable and hassle-free contact lenses are. That, on top of beautiful colors is all you need to set influence during several occasions. Colored contact lenses in the DIVA edition can be worn upto 10-12 hours per day and come in a half-yearly disposability. That is, no worries about looking for your favorite color for the next 6 months! 


UV protection on-the-go 

We do not just give your eyes the glam they need, we also give them the protection they deserve. Your Aqualens colored lenses for the perfect day-out and we do not want your beautiful eyes to hide behind sunglasses. All the colored lenses in the DIVA Edition are made with built-in Class II UV blockers. The high-quality blockers provide protection against UVA and UVB radiations. 

We know you cannot hang out anywhere without glancing at your phone screens. The way of life is with digital gadgets. So we make our lenses keeping that in mind. Aquacolor DIVA Edition eye lenses safeguard your eyes if you are habitual of using your digital devices for long. 


Unboxing the DIVA Edition color lenses pack

We care for you and your lenses. And so we send out the DIVA Edition box with 1 bottle of Aqualens comfort solution and a pretty lens case. 

Our lens solution is the best in the market having been equipped with Aquaseal double moisturizing effect. The double moisturizing agents ensure that your lenses are stored safely, when not-in-use. Our lens solution offers the right amount of hydration needed for the lens so that you can keep them clean and disinfected completely for the period of 6 months. 

The DIVA Edition also comes with a handy lens case. Aqualens lens accessories are also known for their compatibility. They are the perfect storage units for your precious eye lenses. 

Open box of DIVA edition Aquacolor contact lenses


Colors of Aquacolor - the DIVA Edition 

Wondering about which colors suit you the best? Let us help you out.


Marigold lenses

Marigolds, the famous flowers, are symbolic to the power of the sun. It is said that if you give marigold to someone, you are signifying power, strength, and light inside a person. These positive emotions are perfectly displayed in the beautiful marigold contact lenses. Reflect your light and power with these color lenses from the DIVA Edition. Get the bold yet subtle look to match with your earthy tones. 


Turquoise lenses

Turquoise is the color of calmness, clarity and compassion. It is also the color that captivates. The blend of these two is also seen through our turquoise contact lenses. The sea-green like lenses give you a captivating personality along with a softness and warmth. Featuring a unique combination of green streaks with hues of blue, these coloured lenses will illuminate your eyes to give them a more ethereal look akin to a Goddess. These lenses are perfect for your first-dates and sunday brunches. Match our Turquoise lenses with breezy sun dresses. Try today


Green lenses

Green is the color of life on earth. Green eye lenses showcase just the same - the color of life in you. Stand out from the crowd with green contact lenses from Aquacolor DIVA Edition. These lenses would make your style a fun and funky vibe so that you can be the life of the party. Our Green coloured lenses are a must-have if the Diva inside you wants to turn more than just a few heads with her playful attitude and refreshing flair. With a smooth blend of rich green tones, these eye lenses give a soft and young appearance as you transition your look.


Silver grey lenses

We believe you can do both - hot and cool looks when you want to. All you need is a pack of silver gray lenses. Silver gray is the color of Gen Z. It is metallic. It is rich. It shows a playful personality. Our silvery gray lenses are all you need to turn a black and white dull day into silvery fun. A blend of gray, silver, and hints of brown all work together to create a style that’s utterly stunning yet sinful. By playing with these coloured lenses, you can add in the right level of mystique that you have always been waiting for. Try them now


Gray lenses

Gray is the shade of balance. It highlights composure and the fact that you’ve got it! For the diva who has got it! Our gray lenses are here to help you display your intellectual side. Whether you're at work or out on the town, these eye lenses will lend depth and definition to your personal style. For your routine morning calls or special meetings with the CEO, hold your ground with Aquacolor gray lenses. 

 Model holding DIVA edition color contact lenses

The DIVA in you 

Aqualens color lenses have always been a fan favorite because of their stylish shades and comfortable wear. The DIVA Edition is just a level up on the style and comfort we provide! 

Colored contact lenses in the DIVA edition are convenient and long-lasting. They give you style, comfort and freedom in a single lens. Channel your inner DIVA with these eye-popping colors and stun the world. 



Q1) How many lenses are there in Aqualens DIVA box? 

There are 2 lenses, 1 solution and 1 lens case in a DIVA box. 


Q2) Are Aqualens Diva colored contact lenses safe?

Yes, Aqualens Diva colored contact lenses are completely safe! Our lenses are approved and certified by US FDA/CE and made with safe materials. 


Q3) How long can I wear Diva contacts a day?

Our Diva range is easy to use for 4 to 8 hours a day. But, this is also further subject to your eye health and condition.


Q4) How many times can I use it?

You can use our Diva range for 6 months after its opening.


Q5) I am a first time user. How do I wear these lenses?

You can check out our 3 free tutorials: Link

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