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  • Aashi Dahiya
  • Oct 06, 22

New Face of Aqualens Colored Contact Lenses: Kiara Advani

Bollywood has always had an incline toward colorful eyes, and rightly so. It is much evident in the extravagant lyrical videos and dialogues. Kajra re, mast mast do nain, kaali kaali aankhein are top songs to name a few. With eye makeup trends consistently changing and taking over our feeds and fashion world, colored eyes have become a constant. It would be an understatement to say that colored contact lenses or cosmetic lenses are now just a luxurious accessory that is to be donned on special occasions. Colored contact lenses, in today’s day and age, are an essential part of eye makeup routine.

Aquacolor, the colored contact lens segment of Aqualens, is thus an unskippable part of eye makeup regimes of beauty influencers and fashion girls. When the popularity of these lenses are at an all-time high, who is better to become the face of the brand than Kiara Advani herself!


Kiara Advani for Aquacolor Colored Contact Lenses

Kiara Advani for Aquacolor

Kiara Advani, who shot to fame with her debut movie Fugly, is a growing and much sought-after Bollywood actress. She has acted as the lead role in various blockbuster films including MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Lust Stories, Shershah, Good Newzz, Kabir Singh, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Jug Jugg Jeeyo.

Kiara Advani, listed as the 6th Most Desirable Woman by The Times of India in 2019, has established a massive fanbase with her promising acting, striking choice of roles and the perfect blend of beauty and talent.

How Kiara Advani resonates with Aquacolor

Aquacolor is more than just a range of colored contact lenses. It is a brand built on the philosophy of liberty of self-expression.

The brand has found its space in the energetic spontaneity of today’s generation. Young adults in today’s generation are confident and comfortable in changing their moods, styles, and outfits. The product - colored contact lenses - itself reflects this space as the lenses are easy to slip on and slip off. The whole range of lenses, available in more than 40 colors, further promotes this willful spontaneity by offering a wide array of options to consumers.

Kiara Advani and the diversity of her roles in recent Indian films resonate closely with the above. Her sweet, shy and introverted role in Kabir Singh in contrast with her independent, outspoken and bold role in Lust Stories reflects at length the idea of transformation as per the desired preference.

The ability of this stunning transformation, donned so swiftly by Kiara, is what we strive to offer to our customers with Aquacolor Colored Contact Lenses.

The benefit of Aquacolor Colored Contact Lenses

Aquacolor Colored Contact Lenses are premium range of color lenses that we designed to suit all your beauty, makeup and power needs.


Kiara Advani the new face of Aqualens color lenses

UV blocking

These are high-quality, color pigmented lenses with the benefits of UV blocking technology. The Class II in-built UV blockers provide up to 98% protection against the harmful rays of sun and prolonged exposure to digital device screens.

High water content

Furthermore, Aquacolor Colored contact lenses are especially designed to suit dry eyes. Their high water content keep your eyes feeling fresh for longer periods of time.


Best quality material

These lenses are made with the finest quality of breathable polymacon material. The material along with the aspheric design of these lenses keep them centered in your eyes.

40+ options

Whether it is a picnic date or a night out of bar hopping, we have a shade to complete your outfit deets. Aquacolor lenses are available in more than 40 different colors to help the consumer choose from, basis their mood, style and occasion.


Power lenses

Aquacolor colored lenses are not just meant to give you beautifully looking eyes but also cater to your eye power. These lenses are available in zero power and power so that you can have crisp and sharp vision at all times.

Now is your chance to recreate Kiara Advani’s style using Aquacolor Contact Lenses. Shop now before they are all gone!

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